IPA ['kri:pɪ] KK [ˋkripɪ]




With creepy threats of H-E-Double-Hockey-Sticks.

That guy was so creepy that he made my flesh crawl.

On hearing the snake hiss, I felt creepy.

I don't like our new manager. He creepy.

This, of course, begs the question: Should you keep the lingerie? It'seems creepy to me.

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  1. yeah and it wasn't creepy or anything like that.

    Yeah and it wasn't creepy or anything like 那。
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調酒師教你酒吧把妹的教戰守則! The Bartender's Guide To Meeting Girls In Bars

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  1. do it but don't be creepy about it. send them a drink, give them a wave, and toast to them.

  2. and if she doesn't, then it was a nice gesture and you weren't creepy about it.

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  1. coincidence? no, it's creepy.

    巧合嗎?不,超毛的 Coincidence? No, it's creepy.
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nigahiga: 神秘特務 (Agents of Secret Stuff)

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  1. - it's kinda creepy... don't you think?

    - 這不是很令人毛骨悚然嗎?
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【TED】Birke Baehr: What's wrong with our food system

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  1. but this is just creepy.

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  1. adj. An overused slang term for sexually inappropriate or perverted or for attempting to derive sexual gratification through dishonorable means. Unfortunately, the word has become an abused favorite of melodramatic people who try hard to use the word wherever possible, to the point of rendering the word almost meaningless.
    I hate that really creepy guy who keeps trying to dance with me.
  2. Somewhat scary because of strangeness.
    Last night Vic was acting creepy, constantly checking his watch and muttering something about solar energy.
  3. By far the most common adjective predicated to quiet people who don't smile.
    Is that a creepy thing to be?
  4. Rather than Person A accepting she (usually) has unreasonable insecurities with regards to Person B, she labels person B as "creepy" without acknowledging the fact that she is the actual one with the problem (, not Person B).
    "That guy is really creepy!"
  5. A man who is [honest] about wanting to get in a [girl]'s [panties].
    Oh my [god], that creep [totally] just [told] me that he want to have [sex] with me, he must be such a [dick.]
  6. An adjective denoting the qualities or characteristics of a creep. A colloquilism often used to describe men with obsessive, quirky, or perverted tendencies.
    Maral: "That man yonder tries to court me by disemboweling catepillars and leaving their entrails at my front door." Aysha: "Ew, he's creepy" Zaynab: "I concur. Total [creepazoid]." Maral: "Check this out for creepy. Every night he camps outside my window, undresses, and plays tapes of the various mating calls of endangered mammals. Then, and this happens every night, he digs a ditch in my mother's rose garden and buries himself in it as an expression of his love for me." Aysha: "Creep" Zaynab: "Creep indeed."
  7. A word girls use to describe usually well intentioned guys who haven't the slightest clue about how to interact with females without scaring the fuck out of them.
    Guy: "So I wrote you this poem about how much I love you." Girl: "Who the hell are you, anyway?" Guy: "Oh, right. I'm Craig. I've been watching you with binoculars from the bushes for the last 2 months now" Girl: "Whoah, that's kinda creepy. Get the fuck away from me." Guy: "But I love you! Why can't you see that?!"
  8. sketchy and/or stalker-like
    damn, he is SO creepy. i saw him again last night looking through my window!
  9. An adjective used by young women to describe a man who they find actively unattractive.And/or an man who pays unwanted sexual attention to women and is clueless/oblivious to their lack of interest in him.
    Eeeew!Look at that creepy guy over there!!
  10. anything that causes an unpleasant emotion such as fear,disgust,& repulsion
    That house at night looks creepy.