The pageant's supposed to be on cable, but this crappy hospital doesn't get the channel.

Feeling Crappy-I never feel about myself after I finally pry my eyes from the TV set.

Please forgive the crappy quality, my built-in cam sucks.

Rachel: And a crappy New Year.

It's better than sitting in that crappy car hearing you argue!

  1. Crappy is also used a great deal when voicing your opinion on sub-par and shoddy things; like homework on thanksgiving or your little brothers finger paintings.
    What a crappy lego set.
  2. Can be used in several descriptive levels, as a description of work, feelings of illness, or of an item
    This burger is crappy They did a crappy job on my car, its still not working I couldnt go to work today, I was feeling really crappy Sorry, I shouldnt have done that, I feel crappy. It was a crappy thing to do
  3. Most of the time crappy is a feeling. (sorry about the pronounciation. It wouldnt let me change it.)
    I am feeling crappy today
  4. When something is really bogus or dumb, or if you simply don't like it, you call it crappy. It comes from the word crap which you all know what THAT means. An other word for it could be sh*tty, but only use that when something is OVER being crappy.
    [Guy] 1: "My [French] grade is sooooo good!" [Guy] 2: "Well mine was [totally] crappy..."
  5. see [shitty] ok as gross as crap
    this is a [crappy] definiton
  6. Shite.....Basically...really shite
    Oh dyng this is crappy*thinks to self...its shit really i wish mum would go away so i could say it*
  7. A knock-off the more obscene word [shitty]. This word is commonly used to describe something of shoddy quality.
    That shit smells so crappy! Get it away from me, turdface!