• US /kʊd/
  • UK /kəd/
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  • aux. 能; 可以;
  • I could go to Spain on vacation, as I’ve saved enough money
  • Could you give me a ride home?
  1. A person with whom you 'could' have sex but don't want to. i.e it is physically possible. One stage lower than a 'would', two stages lower than a 'good' but one higher than a 'dud'.
    John - "What is the Good, Would, Could, Dud status of your new class mate? Dave - "2 goods, 4 woulds, 3 coulds and 2 duds. Not bad really" Rev Tolstoy - "How is the new choir leader Deacon Johnson?" Deacon Johnson - "Well I could I suppose but I'd have to be fucking pissed"