• US /ˈkɑrəl/
  • UK /'kɒrəl/
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  • adj. 珊瑚 ; 珊瑚蟲 ; 珊瑚制玩具 ; 龍蝦的卵巢 ; 珊瑚的 ; 珊瑚色一樣紅的 ; 瑚 ; 珊;
  • n. 珊瑚;
  • I want to paint my house coral on the outside
  • The brightly colored fish swam through the coral, before rising closer to the surface to feed

愛上台灣 (Falling in Love with Taiwan)

愛上台灣 (Falling in Love with Taiwan) Image 21:20
  1. that's made of coral limestone and sits in the shallows just shy of shore.

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用Google Map看加拉巴哥群島 - Explore the Galapagos Islands with Google Maps

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  1. we've seen a 50% droppping in coral coverage over the last 50 years. so, if we want to do something about what's going on in the oceans,

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  1. SpongeBob speak for "cool"
    That nose job is sooo coral!
  2. One who is willing to party, in your pants...and like it!!!Usually an awsome person to love, and worth hanging out with!!Not lik usual girls tho...shes SUPER COOL!!!!
    "Woah, is that Coral...oh my fucking god yes" "What?!?!?Coral can't come, oh man but i bought new underwear!!!'sorry man'" "OH BOIIIIII, that girl is the f'ing shit...Coral?!?!HOLY FUCK" I LOVE CORAL
  3. meaning [cool], hip, awesome, ect.
    like, emily and i like went to the mall, and like, had like a totally coral time you know, then we like went home, and like, made out.
  4. A word on spongebob, used for the word "cool"
    "That Nose Job Is So Coral"
  5. 1. Cool, awesome, amazing. 2. Someone who is wayy overly nice
    Wow Harry, thats a really coral [Reptar] watch you got there. Savannah: Sorry I just elbowed you in the face out of boredom. A Coral: No! It is in fact my faces fault for moving in your way. I'm so sorry, heres five bucks!
  6. A street name for 'Crack cocaine' used in Waianae, Hawaii.
    Why are you twitching? Did you hit the [Coral]?
  7. a nice prude girl who you would love to hang out with because shes sooo amazing!!!!!!
    Damn she is nice she must be Coral or a [prude]
  8. 1. The hard parts or skeleton of various Anthozoa, and of a few Hydrozoa. Similar structures are also formed by some Bryozoa
    The atoll was made mostly of coral.