vi.經過轉變;被改變;[橄欖球] 觸地得分后得附加分;



CONVERT Converts FAT volumes to NTFS. You cannot convert the current drive.

A. convert table from PDF to delimited text file that can be imported into database.

Active Tracking filters convert this dirty AC power into a clean, reliable source of energy.

He is a convert to Catholicism.

The female images convert from traditionally looking upwards males to looking flatly, overlooking and overstepping males.

東西的故事!請不要亂消費 (Story of Stuff)

東西的故事!請不要亂消費 (Story of Stuff) Image 21:25
  1. that we convert the buying and use of goods into rituals, that we seek our spiritual satisfaction,

    他說:「我們龐大的生產經濟體 需要讓消費成為我們的生活模式,
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【TED】Mark Bittman: What's wrong with what we eat

【TED】Mark Bittman: What's wrong with what we eat Image 20:09
  1. was to convert it to something much more akin to ice cream.

    是將它轉化成類似冰淇淋一樣的東西售賣 was to convert it to something much more akin to ice cream.
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  1. 1.) When a person who is devouted on their religion, tries to press their beliefs on others hoping they will join the religion 2.) Hypocrits i.e. Republicans who walk around telling people their going to hell unless they become part of their religion (when they themselves are sinners)
    Christian Man: knocks on door Jewish Man: opens the door and says "hello?" Christian Man: "Hi! i'm from the christian chruch down the street." Jewish Man: "And?" Christian Man: "I came here to tell you that your worshipping the wrong religion, Jesus was our messiah and we messengers of God think that you should convert or else when you die you'll go to hell where your worse nightmares will true and suffer extreme pain for all eternity...... won't you please join the gospel"? Jewish Man: Slams door and locks it
  2. The process of turning a girl you've just met, or don't know well into a hook-up in the course of a night.
    Nick: I met this sexy-ass [bittie] the other night at Starbucks and we walked around for a little while. Joey: Did you convert on her? Nick: Yeah I got [dome] in the back of my car! Al: I converted on this girl I met at Melanie's party.