• US /kənˈtrol/
  • UK /kən'trəʊl/
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  • n. 遙控器; 對照物; 管理權; 控管的法律; 支配 ; 管理 ; 統制 ; 制球力 ; 核對 ; 驅使靈媒的靈 ; 駕駛 ; 監查帳目 ; 控制 ; 按捺 ; 把持 ; 調度 ; 管制 ; 司 ; 掌管 ; 治理;
  • v. 支配 ; 管理 ; 統制 ; 制球力 ; 核對 ; 驅使靈媒的靈 ; 駕駛 ; 監查帳目 ; 控制 ; 按捺 ; 把持 ; 調度 ; 管制 ; 司 ; 掌管 ; 治理;
  • The remote control of the air conditioning unit is over there
  • The control in this experiment was only asked to read the text and answer questions
  • We got control of the company by buying its shares
  • They put a control on water, and we could only use ten litres each day
  • NASA’s mission control supervises the activities on the International Space Station
  • Roger can control his anger much better recently
  1. " You cannot control what happens to you, but you can control your attitude toward what happens to you,and in that, you will be mastering change rather than allowing it to master you. "
    Our power is in our ability to decide to take control.
  2. somthing alot of people do not have
    Dude, control yourself!!
  3. A code-name, commonly used by large groups of youths when referring to someone they know who has been showing "control" symptoms. Control symptoms include: interfering, aggressive, gossiping, weight gain issues, limp/ cabbage like hair etc; A woman who has social issues in which she spreads shit about students, friends or work colleagues, likes to control their social life,and does not give a toss about their personal feelings. On a whole, a bit of a controlling person - hence the word - Control
    Mate, why d'you have to be such a control!?