• US /ˈkɑ:ntræst/
  • UK /'kɒntrɑ:st/
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  • v. 對比;相比之下;
  • n. 對比; (光線)對比;
  • I don't take him seriously, his words always contrast his actions
  • The contrast between their age is very noticeable
  • Please increase the contrast in this photo so I can see where her face ends and her hair begins

"January 11, 2013 - CNN Student News with subtitles"

'January 11, 2013 - CNN Student News with subtitles' Image 10:31
  1. and nathaniel thinks that today`s "players are a sad contrast to the true baseball heroes of the u.s. past. people need to trust that they don`t need drugs to make themselves true heroes."

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【TEDx】莎拉-女詩人與故事敘述者 Sarah Kay-Poetess/Storyteller

【TEDx】莎拉-女詩人與故事敘述者 Sarah Kay-Poetess/Storyteller Image 12:24
  1. and you needed more contrast, more saturation,

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Inside Birding: Color Pattern

Inside Birding: Color Pattern Image 10:40
  1. thanks to its color pattern. the stunning contrast between orange and black

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The Hunger Games Novel & Katniss Everdeen

The Hunger Games Novel & Katniss Everdeen Image 07:27
  1. her real world concerns and priorities of family and survival are put in sharp contrast

  2. in contrast to poor and working class districts who can barely afford enough food to feed their families.

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"廣播電影院(Lux Radio Theater: Alice Adams (January 3, 1938))"

'廣播電影院(Lux Radio Theater: Alice Adams (January 3, 1938))' Image 59:40
  1. quite a contrast to fred's last appearance eight years ago and i think

    弗雷德的最後相當的對比度 外觀八年前,我認為
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  1. A difference: without one side, there is no other side. if there was no contrast, there would only be [apathy]
    contrast: If there was no evil how would we know what good is? If there was no failure how would we know what success is? ... happy and sad ... up and down etc