• US /kənˈstrʌkʃən/
  • UK /kən'strʌkʃn/
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  • n. 建造 ; 建築 ; 架設 ; 工程 ; 構造法 ; 營造物 ; 解釋 ; 意義 ; 結構 ; 作圖 ; 構成 ; 工作 ; 建立 ; 建設; 由不同部分組成的事物; (文字)構造;組成; 組成方式;
  • The construction of the new business center will take four years
  • The construction of this plan took months of hard work from everyone
  • The teacher praised me for the grammatical construction of my essay
  • The construction of the Burj Khalifa in Dubai is a wonder of the world

時代精神2:Zeitgeist Addendum

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美國的貧富差距 (Wealth Inequality in America)

美國的貧富差距 (Wealth Inequality in America) Image 06:24
  1. firefighters, construction workers, engineers, doctors, lawyers,

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  1. One of two seasons in [Pennsylvania], the other being [winter]. Construction takes place between the end of February and the end of November; in spite of the massive inconvenience this usually causes, most of the state's major roads still look like [shit].
    "Plenty of construction taking place between exits 22 and 56 on the Pennsylvania Turnpike today; if you live north of Allentown and need to get to Philly, you might as well walk 'cause you'll probably get there faster" A: "How was your drive back from Pittsburgh?" B: "Well, it took me 7 hours just to get to State College because of the all the goddamn construction, and then I blew out my tire on I-81 thanks to a pothole the size of [Lindsay Lohan]'s [beef curtains]. You tell me."