• US /kʌm/
  • UK /kʌm/
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  • v. 到達、到來; 來、寄送到; 來 ; 去 ; 到 ; 赴; 來;
  • What time will Jane come?
  • Did the mail come? I expected it at 9 this morning
  • Come to my house and I will give you something to eat
  • I hope our story will come to a happy end

【TED】比爾蓋茲談能源 : 至零方休的革新 ! (Innovating to zero! | Bill Gates)

【TED】比爾蓋茲談能源 : 至零方休的革新 ! (Innovating to zero! | Bill Gates) Image 29:33
  1. now, the price of energy has come down over time.

  2. usually, you just kind of stand by, and some come along, some don't.

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超爆笑!教你 10 件改變你想法的生活小技巧 (10 How To's That Will Blow Your Mind!)

超爆笑!教你 10 件改變你想法的生活小技巧 (10 How To's That Will Blow Your Mind!) Image 04:59
  1. and that fake french accent, every time you come to class late he's like, why ‘ovulate?

    和那個假掰的法國腔, 每次你上課遲到他就像 你為何遲到?(音近排卵期)
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  1. To reach orgasm.
    (I love it when you come inside of me.)
  2. To approach.
    (She wanted me to come to her)
  3. Means the same as 'cum' - it's just a different spelling, so calm down. Check it out on if you want, both spellings are acceptable.
    "I'm about to come" "I'm also about to cum"
  4. A word that stupid people laugh at when they have just discovered the meaning of [cum].
    Person: He's coming from over there. Stupid teenage girl: [lolorz] 1he said come!1 1 !!
  5. and cum 1. semen or any fluid secreted at orgasm 2. to have an orgasm
    Don't forget top clean your come off the couch.