• US /kold/
  • UK /kəʊld/
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  • n. 感冒,傷風;
  • adj. 冷的; 冷淡的;
  • If you have a cold, do not come to work or we will all be sick
  • In the winter the weather can get very cold
  • After the phone call he was cold and silent the whole day

【TED】設計的首要秘技是察覺力 Tony Fadell: The first secret of design is noticing

【TED】設計的首要秘技是察覺力 Tony Fadell: The first secret of design is noticing Image 16:42
  1. and then he'd turn it the other way, and it was 100 degrees too cold.

    然後他將把手調往另一邊, 水又變得太冷。
  2. it was a cold, wet, snowy day and she was warm inside a streetcar.

    那天又冷又濕,雪下不停, 她在電車上挺暖和的。
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J.Fla 翻唱歌曲 (Alan Walker - All Falls Down ( cover by J.Fla ))

J.Fla 翻唱歌曲 (Alan Walker - All Falls Down ( cover by J.Fla )) Image 02:34
  1. oh, i tried staying cold,

    Oh I try staying cold 我試著保持冷靜
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《聽音樂學英文》Let it go from Frozen (cover by J.Fla) (Frozen - Let It Go ( cover by J.Fla ))

《聽音樂學英文》Let it go from Frozen (cover by J.Fla) (Frozen - Let It Go ( cover by J.Fla )) Image 03:45
  1. the cold never bothered me anyway

    The cold never bothered me anyway 反正 冰雪也無法侵擾我
  2. the cold never bothered me anyway!

    The cold never bothered me anyway 反正 冰雪也無法侵擾我
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  1. Heartless, Having no emotions,
    He laughed at the crippled man who fell down, that's cold.
  2. v. used to describe something awesome or nice ; something worthy of hatin
    That's a cold ass jacket
  3. Better than [cool] To be cooler than cool The coolest level of cool
    Jenny: I'm so cold, I'm rocking this jacket. John: Nah, it's a nice jacket, but it ain't cold.
  4. plain, obviously, flat out, straight up
    "Yo, I walked up to that guy and cold puched him in the face." "...with microphone in hand I cold took command." - Run-DMC
  5. what a girl says she is when she wants to snuggle :]
    Girl: I'm cold.. Boy: Here, I'll give you my jacket
  6. an annoying and contagious illness that causes sniffling, sneezing, coughing, and other symptoms
    Mike couldn't come to the party because he was sick in bed with a cold.
  7. harsh, mean, icy
    "that beatch or urs is a dirty sket", "dnt say that thats cold"
  8. An infectious disease that usually spreads like wildfire around people, because people don't give a shit worth about others. They would yawn cough and not wash their hands properly to prevent others from catching the cold. If you catch a fucking cold, don't cough, cover your fucking mouth, and if you go to either 1-12 grades, go to the back of the class, and don't spread your fucking cold.
    John: <Coughs a shit load, and doesn't give a shit if he spreads it to others> Matthew:"Dude..someone could catch your cold" John: "Oh but I am sick so..that's my bullshit excuse, so i'm going to keep coughing to relieve myself, and spread my many cold viruses to the people around me because I am a self centered fuck taard.
  9. Cold was a rock band that started in 1986. They released 4 cd's: Cold, 13 ways to bleed on stage, year of the spider, and a different kind of pain. They also released an ep called Oddity. The band consisted of lead singer Scooter Ward, Matt Louhgran, Zachary Gilbert, both guitarists, Jeremy Marshall on bass, and Sam McCandless on drums. Former members included Mike Booth, Sean Lay, Terry Balsamo, Kelly Hayes and Eddie Rendini. On February 27, 2006, Ward left a message on their official website saying they had disbanded. However, he said he and Sam will continue writing music.
    Cold was a great rock band. It's a damn shame alot of people didn't know about them.
  10. One kick ass but unrecognized rock band. Very meaningful and original music.
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