• US /ˈkoʊkənʌt/
  • UK /ˈkəʊkənʌt/
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  • n. 椰子果 ; 頭 ; 椰子;
  • The juice from a coconut is very tasty

【美食學英文】街邊小吃之旅 (Malaysian Street Food Tour in Kuala Lumpur)

【美食學英文】街邊小吃之旅 (Malaysian Street Food Tour in Kuala Lumpur) Image 05:27
  1. flavored with coconut milk, aww, it's so good. some of this eggplant. and then this giant

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【TEDx】我的綠活學校之夢 (My Green School Dream : John Hardy at TEDxTaipei 2012)

【TEDx】我的綠活學校之夢 (My Green School Dream : John Hardy at TEDxTaipei 2012) Image 17:49
  1. i'm here, courtesy of a coconut

  2. and a coconut hit me in the face

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【艾倫秀】Ellen 受不了乳液 (Memorable Monologue: Lotions )

【艾倫秀】Ellen 受不了乳液 (Memorable Monologue: Lotions ) Image 03:07
  1. it has aloe, or shea butter, or coconut

    有些有蘆薈 有乳油木 有椰子
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博物館員 (The Economic Botanical Collection)

博物館員 (The Economic Botanical Collection) Image 09:21
  1. - do you know what it's made out of? - yeah, this is the double coconut. - okay.

    - 你知道它是什麼做的嗎? 知道啊,這是海椰子做的。 - 好吧。
  2. - the double coconut is... - yeah... - have you seen that?

    海椰子是... - 對呀。 你看過嗎?
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關於電影你應該要知道的31件事! (31 Random Movie Facts You Need To Know)

關於電影你應該要知道的31件事! (31 Random Movie Facts You Need To Know) Image 02:25
  1. the coconut gag was used because the film couldn't afford horses.

    「聖杯傳奇」使用椰子殼模擬馬蹄聲的笑料 其實是因為劇組無法負擔馬匹的費用
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新加坡旅遊指南 Singapore Travel Guide

新加坡旅遊指南 Singapore Travel Guide Image 10:00
  1. is with a cool and refreshing fresh chopped coconut.

  2. but the straw to drink the… cool and refreshing lukewarm coconut juice.

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  1. n. a person who is tan on the outside (mexican, indian, philipino) and white on the inside
    Jenny is a coconut
  2. Mexican gone white, brown on the ouside white on the inside.
    Justin is a Coconut
  3. Devices, usually imported from tropical climes, that can be banged together in lieu of riding a horse.
    "You've got two empty 'alves of coconut, and you're banging them together!"
  4. Something that can be gripped by a 5 oz. bird.
    Are you suggesting coconuts migrate?
  5. a person of south asian desendency who was born and brought up in the U.S, and is a perfectly nice and good person but is judged improperly because they're not that involved in the south asian community.
    Me: Mommy I saw an indian girl with this white guy today.... Mommy: Stay away from her! Me: Why? Mommy: Because honey, if an indian person does not hang out with other indians, doesnt listen to indian music or watch indian films that means they're a coconut and they're ashamed of their skin color. Me: Oh.....What should i do when I see her again. Mommy: STARE AT HER!!!!!KEEP STARING!!!!!!!!!JUST STARE AT HER AS LONG AS POSSIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Me: It's okay she's not pretty anyway... Mommy: Oh really! Never mind..haha.. then just forget that we had this conversation.
  6. A very sweet tropical fruit.
    I love coconuts and the milk is delicious
  7. A device used to make galloping sounds when cut into two halves and hollowed out.
    SOLDIER #1: What? Ridden on a horse? ARTHUR: Yes! SOLDIER #1: You're using coconuts! ARTHUR: What? SOLDIER #1: You've got two empty halves of coconut and you're bangin' 'em together.
  8. Some one from the Pacific Island region, a Pacific Islander.
    Nathan is a big coconut.
  9. anything or anyone that is white on the inside but brown on the outside [chicanos] and other decendents of brown spanish speaking people that can't or won't speak spanish, act white, and are ashamed of their heritage
    Christina Aguilera is the quintessential coconut
  10. [Tits], [boobs], [breasts], [melons], [jugs].
    She's got a lovely pair of coconuts!!