EURO COASTER - A super coaster!
歐洲貨船 —— 一個超級飛船.

Stock prices a roller coaster roller - coaster ride this week, -- down one day, up the next.
本周股票價格像過山車 - 今天下跌, 明天上漲.

He had a white - knuckle ride on a roller coaster.

When taking the roller coaster, you should put on your belt and fasten it.
坐過山車時, 你要繫緊安全帶.

Maybe it's the beauty of life, always so unpredictable like a roller coaster ride.
也許這 就是 生命之美吧,想搭乘雲霄飛車一樣, 總是無法預測.

Katy Perry - Dark Horse (Official) ft. Juicy J

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  1. she ride me like a roller coaster

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男女都該知道的-月經真相(Girls on periods)

男女都該知道的-月經真相(Girls on periods) Image 05:42
  1. duh~ and yes this is no secret that when girls are on their period, they are emotional, roller coaster.

    嘖~沒錯這不是秘密-月經來的女生很情緒化 像雲霄飛車
  2. but i'm just letting you know, yeah, we get crazy, we get delusional, and we are emotional roller coaster. can't you just accept it and move on?

    只是想讓你知道 對 我們會瘋瘋的 會妄想 又情緒化 能不能就接受這一切然後繼續過日子
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  1. 1) A unusable Compact Disc which failed during a "burn" process, its only use is now a COASTER 2) A witty and highly attractive person
  2. Any disc recieved from [America Online] that contains [its] product. Since using the programs represents a net inefficiency for your time, it is better to use them as coasters that you can set your drinks on, lest you damage a wood or other valuable surface.
    I got so many AOL 9.0 coasters last month, I glued them to my ceiling and now it's shiny, disco-style.
  3. Anything put under a cold drink to avoid rings of mist on the table.
    I'll have a scotch on the rocks with a twist, and a coaster.
  4. A girl that won't let you have sex with her (won't let you get the wood wet).
    1) I'm not paying for your meal tonight because you're a fucking coaster. 2) E: I heard Vincy fucked Amanda after the party the other night. J: No fucking way. That girl is a coaster.
  5. A poser who rides his fixed gear on the freewheel and coasts rather than riding the fixed gear. Does it for the trendiness of the fixed gear rather than the function and purpose of the fixed gear.
    "That guy wasn't pedaling when he went down the hill on his fixed gear, he is such a coaster."
  6. A girl who has a tatoo (generally circular) on her lower back. It's a coaster for the guy to set his beer on when doing her doggy-style.
    "Check out that coaster."
  7. A non offensive or graphic euphamism for a gay man who prefers being on the bottom. Credit to Adam Carolla.
    Are you a tumbler or a coaster?