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  • v. 使疑惑; (天氣)變差; 使看不清(玻璃); 掃興; (人)擔心、憤怒;
  • noun pl. 煙霧;迷霧;
  • Too much stress clouds my mind
  • The sky clouds quickly as the storm nears
  • The mist from the rain clouds her eyeglasses
  • The actions of a drunk guest clouds the party
  • Sadness clouds her face as she tells me her story
  • The white clouds are beautiful to look at

驕傲的父親 One Very Proud Dad

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希特鴨 The Ducktators

希特鴨 The Ducktators Image 07:48
  1. with spreading clouds of war,

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超好聽 Fightstar 版的 Vincent  Starry starry night...

超好聽 Fightstar 版的 Vincent  Starry starry night... Image 05:16
  1. swirling clouds in a violet haze

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"February 21, 2013 - CNN Student News with subtitles"

'February 21, 2013 - CNN Student News with subtitles' Image 10:04
  1. zach wrote and recorded the song called "clouds."

  2. unidentified male: zach`s mom laura said the first time she heard "clouds," she cried.

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Wainy Days - 'Elysium'英文

Wainy Days - 'Elysium'英文 Image 08:56
  1. and i can see the clouds and the sky.

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NASA 地球夜晚之美 (Earth at Night)

NASA 地球夜晚之美 (Earth at Night) Image 02:12
  1. in daylight, our big blue marble is all land, oceans and clouds.

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宇宙最強大的力量 The Most Powerful Objects in the Universe

宇宙最強大的力量 The Most Powerful Objects in the Universe Image 25:07
  1. as the expanding clouds of gas became more diffuse, they cooled so dramatically that

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探索抽象的黑暗天空(In Search of Pure Dark Skies)

探索抽象的黑暗天空(In Search of Pure Dark Skies) Image 05:55
  1. cloudy skies may be nice from an artistic point of view, but clouds are an astronomer's

  2. of course, you need a sky that is free of clouds pretty much all year round. but in

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  1. a white thing in the sky that rains
  2. Main character of [final fantasy 7] Wears a massive sword on his back
    cloud is the main character in FF7
  3. In final fantasy VII, cloud is the main character in the game.
    Cloud strife is the main character in Final Fantasy VII.
  4. 1. a floating piece of cotton candy 2. a floating piece of water in the sky 3. that one blonde dude from final fantasy ## 4. a massive chunk of water vapor that is gathered and condensed together and when it reaches a certain density, the water molecules will become to heavy to stay a float, creating rain.
    I wish i could eat cloud... wow, lookit all the clouds cloud strife is one emo kid the clouds look like they're gonna rain
  5. A collections of particulate matter, smoke, dust of gas that is visible. Usual term for large mass of visible gaseous water vapour in the earths atmosphere. Depending on drug consumption may turn into various animals, historical figures, vampires and kitchen cutlery
    "Fuck me that cloud looks just like Count dracula!".. "You mean the cloud next to the one that looks like [weapons of mass destruction] ???"
  6. the main character from final fantasy 7
  7. To put or store (resources, software, and information) into a computing infrastructure over a network (typically the internet).
    While at home I clouded my .mp3 files so that I could later access them at the library.
  8. An extremely irritating person who, once they disappear it's a brighter day.
    My flatmate is a total cloud! The sound of her walking out of the door is music to my ears.
  9. A group of 3 or more people who share the practice of good 420 tactics
    "Look over there its a cloud of stoners"
  10. with the advent of the vaporizer the word CLOUD is used to refer to the vapor inside the clear plastic bag attachedment because it looks like a cloud and is wáter inside the bag rather than smoke.
    hey dude, stop bogarting the bag and pass it over here while there is still some cloud in there.