• US /klɪk/
  • UK /klɪk/
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  • v. 一拍即合; 按鈕點擊; 使...發咔噠聲;
  • n. 點擊; 卡嗒聲;喀嚓聲;
  • John is so friendly that he can easily click with strangers in a few minutes
  • Click the mouse and the computer will open the file
  • Did you hear the door click?
  • Make a click here and it will open the page
  • I can hear the click of the computer mouse

安东尼罗宾演讲视频 (Tony Robbins

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  1. when we make this click, when we make something a "must," we attach ourselves to it. it becomes

    當我們使這一下,當我們做的東西 一個“必須”,我們重視我們自己吧。它成為了
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  1. A Kilometre (about 0.63 miles), Vietnam War slang.
    Wal-marts about ten clicks from hya. (See: Hya)
  2. Military term meaning 1 Kilometer.
    The DMZ is 20 clicks to the North.
  3. Clique spelled wrong. The same as crew
    My crew's gonna get yo ass
  4. To connect, relate, [hit it off] with someone.
    When I first met her, we just clicked, and we're best friends now.
  5. The name given for a makeshift penis created by stretching the clitoris during a sex change operation. derived from combining the words dick and clit.
    B: Would you ever suck a [dick] that was a [clit]? A: Fuck no... i would never suck a click.
  6. A medical phenomenon (similar to [possiballs]), when a woman's clitoris is so large it resembles a less attractive looking male sexual organ.
    Steve: "Last night was the first time me and Meghan made love, but I'm afraid it may be the last since her click dwarfs my penis." Donaldo:"That's too bad. Maybe a pair of scissors will come in handy"
  7. Kilometers per hour.
    My friend was going 120 clicks when he was pulled over by a police officer.
  8. 1. A misspelling of the word Cliques. 2. Pictures taken on a digital camera.
    1. High Schools are a breeding ground for cliques such as the goth, emo, skater, and prep cliques. 2. My camera has 23,483 clicks on the shutter.
  9. A clit lick. The equivalent of a blow job for girls. Another way to say getting head, getting face, being eaten out, for women since it combines "clit + lick" into click.
    Girl says, "wow I want a click" Oh click me, oh yeah God I want that guy to click me all night.
  10. To find success. To evolve. To become bigger-better-larger. To snap. To leap-forward.
    The movie clicks. I felt I was about to click.