• US /klæs/
  • UK /klɑ:s/
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  • v. 把...歸入某類; 已排名;
  • n. 階級; 社會階級; 排名; 班;
  • I will class this as a tree, but it is a very small tree
  • People class visitors by how much education they have, if you didn't go to college, you are on the bottom
  • Being born into high society, she always dresses with such class
  • The middle class in America is disappearing today
  • In our modern world, money often indicates your class
  • I love the members of my class, they are so friendly

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  1. oh ya. i know exactly what you are going through. i know your pain! i mean just sitting in class thinking oh such a heavy flow of math equations

    恩 我完全知道你的感覺 我知道那個痛苦!坐在教室裡面想著這麼多的流量的數學公式
  2. and that fake french accent, every time you come to class late he's like, why ‘ovulate?

    和那個假掰的法國腔, 每次你上課遲到他就像 你為何遲到?(音近排卵期)
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  1. what does it take to create world-class marketing? what is the unique selling proposition? what

    怎樣才能打造世界級的營銷? 什麼是獨特的銷售主張?什麼
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外國人嘗試台灣食物 (Foods to Try in Taiwan )

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  1. i also learned how to make the little balls that go in bubble tea at a taiwanese cooking class

    我還學會瞭如何製作小球 在台灣烹飪課上泡泡茶
  2. but after i gave it a try at a cooking class, i have a whole new appreciation for the craftsmanship

    但是在我在烹飪課上嘗試之後,我有 對工藝的全新欣賞
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我們一起走過的曾經─歐巴馬總統的競選形象影片 The Road We've Traveled - Obama Image 16:57
  1. he took office. middle class jobs and economy security were vanishing.

  2. incentives, tax cuts for the middle class, and job training building bridges, highways,

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  1. A person who is [poised], [graceful], mature, or exudes any of these qualities in dress, mannerism, language, and everyday life. Possesses excellent self-control, is gentle, soothing, and unoffensive. Also used to refer to people or styles from the past; when copied, general impression of others upon seeing them is "classy", a reference to all things classic or that have class.
    1. She was the epitome of class in the way she carried and presented herself. 2. They all agreed that the man who paid unwavering attention to his escort and stayed by her side all night had an unprecedented amount of class. 3. Audrey Hepburn.
  2. Excellent, cool or smooth.
    "That game was class."
  3. Excellent. Used in Northern Ireland
    Did you see that movie last night. It was class
  4. that thing that sluts don't have
    Person 1: Do you think Isabella has class? Person 2: No, she's a slut.
  5. Something MEN have and BOYS don't. Respect.
    Boy:Aye' bitch, you look damn fine tonight can i pop yo' pussy? Man:Hey, you look great tonight, you should come over to my place sometime. CLASS
  6. Class, a term used as slang with young people to say it was good, or enjoyable, particulary popular in "Drogheda", Co. Louth, Ireland
    "Did you see th match last night? the strikers goal was class"
  7. In typical Object-Oriented languages, a class is a collection of data, and a collection of methods that operate on that data.
    I needed some additional logic to handle the rendering, so I added a new class to the system.
  8. CLASS (acronym), Come Late And Start Sleeping
    Mom:Go to bed, you're going to be late for class and your probably going to fall asleep in class aswell. Alex: I know.
  9. adjectival ejaculatory exlamation. Disproportionately complementary to [solid]. No, I am not asking you what type of Mercedes that is. Antonyms: ass, sass, morass Synonym: panache
    "Perfect attendance! Class!" "You got seat warmers! Class!" -Wrong response: "ML 430." this is just wrong. no.
  10. <n, pl.> The plural of the noun [class], which can be defined as one of usually many branches of advancement for characters or avatars in [rpgs]
    This game has way too many classes!