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In our country, the claim pattern of the current joint liability is a free claim pattern.

Any dependent claim shall only refer to the preceding claim or claims.

No such pre-assesment of claim construction. Claim construction incorporated into full trial.

Article 21 The patent claim shall have an independent claim, and may also contain subordinate claims.

He did not want to claim social superiority, he would not claim intrinsic personal superiority.

台灣旅遊小秘訣 (Taiwan Travel Tips)

台灣旅遊小秘訣 (Taiwan Travel Tips) Image 10:05
  1. and they have a taoyuan airport location outside the baggage claim.

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【TED-Ed】無限有多大? How Big Is Infinity? - Dennis Wildfogel

【TED-Ed】無限有多大? How Big Is Infinity? - Dennis Wildfogel Image 07:13
  1. look- suppose you claim you have made a list of all the decimals.

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咖啡:最難解的癮 (Coffee: The Greatest Addiction Ever)

咖啡:最難解的癮 (Coffee: The Greatest Addiction Ever) Image 04:21
  1. and it's is a real physiological addiction not a wimpy psychological addition like people claim for videos games and the internet.

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什麼?2012年是世界末日? 2012 & The End Of The World

什麼?2012年是世界末日? 2012 & The End Of The World Image 02:27
  1. and that’s because the mayans never predicted apocalypse. the only people to claim the mayans

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四分鐘帶你揭開聖誕老公公身世小故事! (A Brief History of Santa)

四分鐘帶你揭開聖誕老公公身世小故事! (A Brief History of Santa) Image 03:55
  1. for the evidence inclined, you can actually go visit santa there and see the elves, toys, reindeer and post office, which makes finland's claim pretty strong.

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怎麼當英雄? (What Makes a Hero?)

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時代精神2:Zeitgeist Addendum

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  1. verb claiming, claimed When wanting to possess an object or being one places their genitalia on it. It is demeaning to the receiver of genitalia as normally men are the ones claiming it with their "nutsack" or "dick". so on top of having some guys nutsack on you are also their property. this is a great way to show girls that you are the alpha male in the group and clearly defines what is yours and who's its not. after someone is claimed they are under the control of the claimer. They still have the ability to claim other people and objects however.
    Clay saw a hot girl in class and decided to show that he wanted her he zipped down his pants and placed his nutsack on her shoulder marking her as his property. Brennan was upset with his step-brother Dale and to show this he rubbed his nutsack on his drumset claiming it. Sully wanted to make sure he got the ice cream and claimed it by positioning his balls on the container.
  2. To claim a board sport move as your own. A derogatory term.
    I hereby claim this kitesurfing move as my own because I'm the first guy to pull it off.
  3. To state or declare that sth is a fact or is the case but not to prove this.
    She claims that she is related to the author. / The company claims that it is not responsible for the pollution in the river. / The government's claim that it would reduce taxes proved false.
  4. To claim something. Can be used to claim almost anything and is a sign of boasting. Claiming is used to show ownership or success. Often use by another person to ridicule the first person's ego.
    Person 1: I scored a hat trick in soccer. Person 2: Claim. Ah, claim. I invented the Twinkie. That bitch is mine; claim. Person 1: I got 22/25 on an essay. Person 2: Claim.
  5. The act of claiming someone in a forum. Saying that they are yours, kind of like a g/f but not.
    El Nino: *Claims Superhotty973* Superhotty973: *le gasp* I'm claimed! XD
  6. -claim- (cl-ame) v. 1. The act of owning (claiming) a kicker, jump, rail, or trick. After throwing down most skiers will claim that trick. Closely being related to, afterbang, claiming involves a rider riding away straight- armed behind or in front of themselves riding away with steeze, kickin' it. 2. Essentially owning a trick following with mad steeze.
    Dude, you see TJ Schiller claim that dub cork 12?
  7. To be the first guy to cum down a girls throat. She must swallow or it won't count. The first guy who does this claims the girl forever, even if they break up or another guy splooges down her throat.
    1: Hey David, Julia is single now why don't you hit her up? 2: Nah man Brad already claimed her. 1: Marcos have you claimed your girlfriend yet? 2: Not yet I'm thinking about just shooting it in her mouth real quick to get it over with. 1: Aren't you jealous your ex blew me? 2: HAHA no I'm laughing because I already claimed her!