According to reports, Asthma is a chronic inflammation in the airway characterized by chronic respiratory diseases.

Children with chronic oral lesions, such as chronic rhinitis, and so on.

Chronic appendicitis has what symptom, how is be being judged commonly chronic appendicitis?

Chronic sinusitis and nasal polyps are both chronic nasal mucosa inflammation.

Irregular or prolonged menstruation and hysterectomy were associated both with chronic LBP and chronic UEP.

什麼是Déjà vu?(What is Déjà vu?)

什麼是Déjà vu?(What is Déjà vu?) Image 06:37
  1. episode where neurons all fire in sync. we also know that patients who experience chronic

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如果你停止喝水? (What if You Stopped Drinking Water?)

如果你停止喝水? (What if You Stopped Drinking Water?) Image 03:32
  1. suffering from chronic dehydration in the first place. after even more time without

    一開始就歷經長期的脫水 加上之後又長期未攝取水分
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  1. 1) very high-quality weed, generally with red hairs on it. 2) pertaining to a long-lasting medical condition.
    From smoking too much chronic, Joe ended up with a chronic case of the shaky-shivers.
  2. Chronic has two different definitions varying on your location. East Coast: Weed (Marijuana) that is laced with Cocaine to give an added effect West Coast: The finest weed available with no seeds or any shit
    East: I'm feeling suicidal, lemme get some chronic West:I'm looking to get some chronic, none of that crappy bullshit
  3. 1.) One of the stronger strains of marijuana. It is actually NOT used to describe just any sort of good weed, there is a certain type, usually indica, that is labled chronic. It won 3rd place at the 1994 High Times Cannabis Cup. 2.) Marijuana laced with cocaine.
    1.) "And a phat ass J of some bubonic chronic that made me choke. Shit this ain't no joke." - Snoop Dogg 2.) Joe rolled an eight with a nick of coke and we smoked a phat ass chronic blunt.
  4. 1. Very potent, high-grade marijuana. Typically categorized by it's lack of seeds (sensimilia) and high concentrations of white or opaque crystals (trichromes) 2. In a very acute or intense state of being
    The chronic I had the other day helped me mellow out after a hard days of work.
  5. A type of marijuana. Chronic is grown under perfect conditions which makes the THC (marijuana's active ingredient) level go through the roof. This results in a much stronger drug and a greater smell.
    Pass the chronic yo.
  6. Chronic is buds of cannabis (weed) that is extremely potent. In sight, Chronic has crystals of THC in plain sight. May or may not have seeds. Extremely sticky when touched.
    I smoked a chronic blunt on the bridge.
  7. 1.High quality weed, usually strains produced for high THC and yeild. The term "chronic" also may be used for good weed when the specific strain is not known. For example, if you bought some chronic that was the northern lights strain, it would be sold as "northern lights," not chronic. Damn I'm so Fuckin' high right now! (on chronic btw ;)
    "you got some chronic man?, no, I got a fat sack of maui though!"
  8. The cause and solution of all of lifes problems
    "Tanqueray and chronic, yeah I'm fucked up now." ~Snoop Dogg
  9. Street name for Marijuana, particularly that of a high potency or quality. Characterized by large, visible THC crystals on the leaves and buds of the plant. Name often shortened to "Chron." Now the copywritten name of a specific strain of Marijuana.
    Bluntman and Chronic -Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back
  10. 1. Word to describe any very good strain of marijuana. This term must NOT be thrown around lightly. (ie.Even if you get the sickest strain's of weed all the time and they are better than what everyone else has, only call the few very best types 'da kronic'). Crystal's, red/purple fibres and healthy green is what yo' lookin for. 2. Extreme or severe. Especially, but not explicably someone who smoke's the above substance everyday." 3. Anything sick, excellent, extreme, severe or funny.
    1. Daaaaamn. That shit is da chronic!" 2. "Man, i've had a chronic headache all day." "Probably 'coz yo' is a chronic." 3. "That was a chronic party last night." (sick) "I have some chronic news for you." (excellent) "The most chronic thing happened to me last night." (extreme/severe) "Hahaha...That's chronic." (funny)