Whether it is their charisma or their appearance, they never fail to make an impression.

Mr Gusm?o's charisma has waned since 2006.

He has a lot of energy and charisma.

Most movie stars have a lot of charisma.

Her grace, and her charisma, all she holds in her young frame are hard to overlook.

David S. Rose講述如何向創投提案 (The Pitch Coach)

David S. Rose講述如何向創投提案 (The Pitch Coach) Image 14:40
  1. and you have the charisma and the management style

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香奈兒-卡爾述可可 (Coco by Karl - Inside CHANEL)

香奈兒-卡爾述可可 (Coco by Karl - Inside CHANEL) Image 03:16
  1. there is only her charisma to explain it.

    唯一能解釋的, 就是她獨特的魅力
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Seth Godin:我們領導的部落 (Seth Godin: The tribes we lead)

Seth Godin:我們領導的部落 (Seth Godin: The tribes we lead) Image 17:24
  1. it's fascinating, because all tribe leaders have charisma,

  2. but you don't need charisma to become a leader.

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擁有和經營的智慧 (Owned & Operated)

擁有和經營的智慧 (Owned & Operated) Image 01:46:07
  1. i was like, "alright, this kid has real charisma."

    然後我就覺得:"哇 這孩子真有魅力"
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  1. Adj: To have a undescribed magnetism that consistently draws people closer; usually it cannot be pinpointed or described.
    "I don't know what it is about Chandra's [personality] that makes me want to talk to her all the time -- it must be some type of charisma or something."
  2. A personal magic of leadership arousing special popular loyalty or enthusiasm as a public figure (a special magnetic charm or appeal)
    She has so much charisma!!!
  3. Overall momentum of a person's appearance; overall sexiness.
    Rachel: Wow, Mike has some real charisma! Lexi: Yeah, I'm so turned on!