• US /'sentəd/
  • UK /'sentəd/
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  • adj. 瞄準的;
  • v. 放重心在; 有圓心的,居中的;集中;
  • Dave is so centered on his work, he forgets his family
  • Dave centered his life on his weekends more than his work
  • She centered herself on the middle of the see-saw and balanced there for a few minutes

日本秋葉原與御宅族文化 (Akihabara and Otaku Culture)

日本秋葉原與御宅族文化 (Akihabara and Otaku Culture) Image 04:34
  1. today. centered around the first school of electrical manufacturing, now the tokyo denki

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現在開始!別再當「低頭族」 (Get Off The Phone Song)

現在開始!別再當「低頭族」 (Get Off The Phone Song) Image 03:31
  1. don't be such a self- centered guy.

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【TEDx】共同創意空間 (Cecilia Tham at TEDxTaipei)

【TEDx】共同創意空間 (Cecilia Tham at TEDxTaipei) Image 14:04
  1. we said we were goonna design the city through an organic, a fluid, a human-centered way

    我們決定要使用一種有機、 流體、 以人為本的方式來進行城市設計規劃
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【TEDx】賽車的環保使命 (Azizi Tucker at TEDxTaipei 2013)

【TEDx】賽車的環保使命 (Azizi Tucker at TEDxTaipei 2013) Image 17:37
  1. you notice we're heavily centered around taipei

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【週末強片】安海瑟威最新力作─「高年級實習生」(The Intern - Official Trailer 2 [HD])

【週末強片】安海瑟威最新力作─「高年級實習生」(The Intern - Official Trailer 2 [HD]) Image 02:30
  1. the truth is something about you makes me feel calm, more centered or something.

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