• US /kev/
  • UK /keɪv/
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  • n. 洞 ; 穴 ; 下陷 ; 凹進去 ; 洞穴 ; 洞窟 ; 窟;
  • v. 塌陷的;
  • Nobody dares to explore that dark cave because it is full of bats
  • The rain was so strong that it caused the roof of the tent to cave in

魔力紅 - What Lovers Do ( cover by J.Fla ) (Maroon 5 - What Lovers Do ( cover by J.Fla ))

魔力紅 - What Lovers Do  ( cover by J.Fla ) (Maroon 5 - What Lovers Do ( cover by J.Fla )) Image 02:19
  1. you know what i need, you don't have to cave, now baby

    You know what I need for the game now baby 你知道這場遊戲裏我內心的渴望
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愛上台灣 (Falling in Love with Taiwan)

愛上台灣 (Falling in Love with Taiwan) Image 21:20
  1. we just stopped at the flower vase and our next stop is the beauty cave.

    我們剛停在Flower Vase我們的下一站是美麗洞穴。
  2. we just arrived at the beauty cave and got our tickets.

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【每天更聰明】實境馬丘比丘登爬  Hyper-Realistic Machu Picchu Hike (Binaural Mics) - WEAR HEADPHONES!! - Smarter Every Day 68A

【每天更聰明】實境馬丘比丘登爬  Hyper-Realistic Machu Picchu Hike (Binaural Mics) - WEAR HEADPHONES!! - Smarter Every Day 68A Image 34:25
  1. (destin, voice echoing in cave) well, it doesn't go anywhere. it closes off; i don't know if the camera can see that.

    好吧,它不會去任何地方。 它關閉了,我不知道相機是否能看到。它關閉了;我不知道相機是否能看到這一點。
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驕傲的父親 One Very Proud Dad

驕傲的父親 One Very Proud Dad Image 03:00
  1. and a light in a cave.

  2. not to mention the cave was now home to a bear!

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古魯家族 (The Croods) 預告片 2

古魯家族 (The Croods) 預告片 2 Image 02:31
  1. >> eep: ugh, i've been in that cave forever.

  2. >> grug: get to the cave!

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普羅米修斯 (Prometheus) 預告片 Trailer

普羅米修斯 (Prometheus) 預告片 Trailer Image 02:31
  1. we're all here because of a map you two kids found in a cave.

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怎麼當英雄? (What Makes a Hero?)

怎麼當英雄? (What Makes a Hero?) Image 04:34
  1. "in the cave you fear to enter lies the treasure you seek."

  2. what is the symbolic cave you fear to enter?

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  1. v. To give up to all opposition, usually in an argument.
    My boss threatened to fire me so I caved to his demands.
  2. 1.To give in someone else's needs or accept defeat. 2.An area used by someone who is inactive or reclusive, possibly a basement or computer room. 3.A term used to describe one of the more prominent male expressions of stress, especially in relationships in which he tries to isolate himself from whatever, or whoever has stressed him. Popularized by the book "Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus." by John Gray.
    1."Hes totally gonna cave when i give him my sad puppy face." 2."As soon as he got home he retreated into his cave and i haven't seen him since." 3."I said something i shouldn't have and now hes doing the whole "cave" thing.
  3. A tunnel that has and end
    Bob: "Let's explore this tunnel." Frank: "Oh no! a DEAD END!" Bob: "I guess its a cave then."
  4. A verb which is female equivalent of a word like "boning," except more feminist as women do not contain the requisite body parts for boning or screwing another individual. Can be used as a verb (i.e. caving, caved) or as a noun (cave)
    I couldn't sleep because my roommate was caving some homeless drifter all night. I really need to cave someone hard Dude, she caved me pretty good last night, it was sweeeeet
  5. 1.A hiding place away from people who bag, bully or tease you. 2.A hiding place for emo's or goths to get away from the sunlight. 3 A hiding place for friends to hang out, chill and forget about their problems.
    1. Cave? Yesssssssssssssssssssssssss!
  6. Word used by french canadians to define someone stupid. See [mongole].
    Gros [criss] de cave!
  7. Citizens Against Virtually Everything
    The City Mayor of the small town described the opponoents of the proposal as C.A.V.E. people.
  8. 1. A nickname to describe a puny bitch. 2. Someone who thinks that they are huge and intimidating, but in fact are quite weak and non-muscular. 3. A person who barely leaves their room (cave) and lives in the dark like a Caveman.
    Wow did you see John? He's a total cave, he never leaves his room!
  9. one with a widely strethed pussy
    "Vickie has the deppest cave i have ever seen."
  10. 1. n. The crawlspace created underneath the beds in Butch 203 during movie nights 2. n. Room 203 in Butcher Hall of Ware College House in the University of Pennsylvania 3. n. A group of awesome people collectively called "The Cave" and sometimes referred to as "cave men/women". adj. Cave-ish: a state of disarray caused by a buildup of dust bunnies and piles of still wet laundry. Can be remedied by swiffering and spraying a mixture of Off and Oust. v. Decave: to organize one's room.
    -I promise I'll decave soon! -This room is looking awfully caveish today. -Where are those voices coming from? -Oh it's just Jess and PJ in the cave.