• US /kɑ:rd/
  • UK /kɑ:d/
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  • n. 連續卡片 ; 牌; 紙牌 ; 名片 ; 卡 ; 卡片 ; 柬;
  • v. 已經梳理過的;
  • My highest card is the Jack of clubs
  • Every citizen of the country is issued an identity card with their personal details
  • The novice golfer did not know that he had to card his game for official records

【TED】比爾蓋茲談能源 : 至零方休的革新 ! (Innovating to zero! | Bill Gates)

【TED】比爾蓋茲談能源 : 至零方休的革新 ! (Innovating to zero! | Bill Gates) Image 29:33
  1. what should our report card look like?

  2. that's a key element of making that report card.

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台灣旅遊小秘訣 (Taiwan Travel Tips)

台灣旅遊小秘訣 (Taiwan Travel Tips) Image 10:05
  1. and i recommend getting a sim card at the airport.

  2. we got a prepaid sim card with unlimited data for 10 days for 550 taiwan dollars.

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【職場的進擊】向賈伯斯學習高超的簡報技巧 (Present Like Steve Jobs)

【職場的進擊】向賈伯斯學習高超的簡報技巧 (Present Like Steve Jobs) Image 06:55
  1. recently i work with a company that launched with 12 gigabit memory card.

    最近我跟一家公司合作, 他們正要推出一款 12 GB的記憶卡
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  1. an amusingly eccentric person
    You're such a card!
  2. A word that old people use to say you have a unique personality.
    Haha, you're such a card.
  3. 1. an amusing or eccentric person 2. something used to achieve a purpose 3. to require someone to show an ID for purchase, participation, etc
    This tag was his card in court.
  4. cigarettes or joints.are called cards because cigarettes and joints fit perfictly into playing card packs.
    hey alex, got any cards?
  5. n. 1. The distinct personality of an individual regarded as a persisting entity; individuality. (If your card is gettingpulled”, you are going to get fucked up) 2. The set of behavioral or personal characteristics by which an individual is recognizable as a member of a group. 3. To check the identification of, especially in order to verify legal age. “You card that [shorty]?”
    [Cuz] the [boyz] n tha [hood] are always [hard] You come talkin that trash we'll pull yourcardKnowin nothin in life but to be legit Don't quote me boy, [cuz] I ain't sayin shit -Eazy-E