• US /kɑr/
  • UK /kɑ:(r)/
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  • n. 車 ; 吊籃 ; 客車 ; 乘座台 ; 機箱 ; 特殊車輛 ; 凱旋車 ; 汽車;
  • I can drive you to the station in my car if you wish

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  1. did you ever buy a certain outfit or a certain car and suddenly see that car or outfit everywhere?

    你有沒有購買一定的裝備還是有一定的 車,突然看到汽車或穿搭無處不在?
  2. how many of you have had that experience? say, "i". how come that car or outfit is everywhere?

    你們有多少人有這種經驗? 說,“I”。怎麼來了,是汽車或衣服無處不在?
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  1. Men's best companion. Often referred as "My wife".
    "Dude! Where's my car?"
  2. A people shell with four wheels. People wear these devices to give themselves super human powers, and other desirable attributes. Most notable is the ability to travel long distances very quickly. Other powers include metal-muscles. For instance when a skinny little puerto rican [fucktard] starts crying because you've slowed way below the speed limit to punish him for his tailgating, he can yell "I'll fuck you up mother fucker and slam his dashboard" without actually getting his teeth punched in.
    Girl: "oh, you have a nice car" Guy: "oh, you noticed, I'm flattered..."
  3. something that goes, vrooooooom vroooooooooom=]
    that [car] was going 120 miles per hour vroom bitchh vrooom
  4. A place where you can have sex.
    Thats the 10th girl I've slammed in my car!
  5. you must have this and money in order to attract females.
    Bob: you get any a** lately? Mike: F**k yeah, ever since I got a job and a new car the b**tches are lining up. B**tch: Hey nice car! Mike: Back of the line Ho wait your turn.
  6. Car (verb) : A shout of warning during a street hockey game. Mainly Eastern Massachusetts dialect.
    When a motorist is within fifty yards of the goal, one shouts "car" and the goal is removed until the car passes. There's no need to shout '"game on" as they do in Canada, where attention spans differ.
  7. A car = asian kryptonite!
    "which part of the car is this... the break or the clutch?"
  8. [Pixar]'s most bad-ass movie yet!
    Bob: Hey Bill, did you see Cars last night? Bill: Yeah it kicked butt
  9. Albanian for man sausage.
    My car is enormous.
  10. a weapon of mass destruction for many forest animals generally located on roads
    A semi truck and/or car or SUV