• US /ˈkælsiəm/
  • UK /'kælsɪəm/
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  • n. 鈣:金屬元素;
  • The calcium in milk is good for helping to strengthen your bones and teeth

【TED】談蘑菇拯救世界的六種方法 (Paul Stamets 談蘑菇拯救世界的六種方法 (中英雙字幕))

【TED】談蘑菇拯救世界的六種方法 (Paul Stamets 談蘑菇拯救世界的六種方法 (中英雙字幕)) Image 17:42
  1. pockmarking rock and grabbing calcium and other minerals

    使他們能夠侵蝕石塊並獲取鈣質和其他礦物 pockmarking rock and grabbing calcium and other minerals
  2. and forming calcium oxalates.

    來形成草酸鈣。 and forming calcium oxalates.
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  1. gives you strong bones
    i ate 100 thousand pounds of calcium and now i have bones as strong as...bone
  2. (Chemi symbol Ca) A chemical element with atomic number of 20 and a molar mass of 40.08 grams. In terms of physical properties, it's melting point is 1115°K or 842 °C (1548 °F) and boiling point is 1757 or 1484 °C (2703 °F). It's density is 1550 kg/m3 and it's molar volume is 26.20 cm3. In terms of chemical properties: it is a group 2 metal (or Alkaline Earth Metal) with 2 electrons in the outermost valency shell. As well as 2, 8, and 8 electrons in it's 1st, 2nd and 3rd shell respectively, which are not used in chemical bonding. Calcium ions typically have a charge of 2+ and exist in aqueous calcium salt solutions. Calcium exists, chemically bound, in human bones to provide strength as well as in Marble structures. Calcium is not naturally found in its chemical form due to it's relatively high reactivity. However, it is the 5th most abundant element in the earth's crust. Elemental Calcium can be extracted through a process of smelting and electrolysis. It reacts spectacularly in water or when ignited in an oxygen rich atmosphere. Calcium used for experimentation in labs is usually a dull greyish colour because the surface has been oxidised by atmospheric oxygen. *Anyone who has bothered reading this far is truly a nerd (or someone doing an assignment)*
    I am the science man who has concisely defined the chemical element calcium in his own words.
  3. Doctors "say" that you need this "every single day" in order to get strong bones, Doctors "warn" that if you dont have calcium,your bones will crumble and become brittle like the walls of [Jericho]
    Person 1:"Dude,you need some calcium otherwise you'd DIE" Person 2:"Thats a whole lotta crap!"