• US /ˈkebəl/
  • UK /ˈkeɪbl/
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  • v. 電纜連接的;
  • n. 越洋電報; 有線電視; 打海底電報 ; 電報;
  • Tell the captain to cable an urgent message to headquarters
  • The captain received an urgent cable to warn the army of an attack
  • I watched the game on cable
  • Have you seen the power cable for my computer?

_一一一 (Skyline LugeSentosa )

_一一一 (Skyline LugeSentosa ) Image 18:56
  1. look at the cable car like this...

  2. we are now on the cable car...

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Google地圖 Google Maps 8-bit for NES

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  1. connect the cable

1792 11 B1 中級 有中文字幕
  1. Old skool fat gold chain
    He is flossing with them phat cables
  2. A cable is a long piece of faeces which is partially ejected from the anus. Generally, the rule is that a cable must be of such length that is is touching the water whilst still coming out of the anus. (This is prevalent in toilets which only fill the lower faecal cavity with water, not half fill like in the Unites States). After defecation, the toilet may require several flushes to allow for the process of hydraulic action to break down your massive [monolith] and remove it from the bowl.
    "Move out my way, I'm killing for a cable." "Damn, I had to flush the toilet five times to try and get that cable down."
  3. fast Internet service AKA highspeed broadband requires purchase of a cable modem. speeds of up to a few mb. great for downloading porn and viewing it
    I used my highspeed cable Internet connection to download some hot Briana Banks videos off Kazaa
  4. To lay a 'cable' To hang a crap To take a shit
    I am going to lay a cable I am going to do some cable work for telstra
  5. A character from Marvel's X-MEN comic books, he's the son of Cyclops and Madelyne Pryor. Later, he was sent to the future, where he was raised by people named Redd and Slym; these were actually Cyclops and Jean Grey. A telepath/telekinetic, he trained with the Askani, many years in the future; later on, he came back in time to fight Apocalypse. He also led the New Mutants for a time, and later, X-Force. He is also a close friend of [Domino]'s, and currently lives in New York City.
    No, he's comatose. Cable left him braindead.
  6. A length of stool/feces
    He cut a serious cable this morning
  7. A character on Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 that n00bs use so they can do Viper Beam 5 million times in a row.