IPA [brɑ:ŋˈkaɪtɪs] KK [brɑnˋkaɪtɪs]
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Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease includes emphysema and chronic bronchitis, as well as asthmatic bronchitis.
慢阻肺病包括肺氣腫和慢性支氣管炎, 以及哮喘性支氣管炎.

This is termed " chronic or recurrent mucopurulent bronchitis. "
這稱為 「 慢性或複發性粘液膿性支氣管炎. 」

Centaury eases cough, bronchitis, inflammation of liver and eye.
咳嗽 、 支氣管炎 、 肝臟及眼睛發炎有抑制功效.

Objective To explore the functional mechanism of Di - Cha - Ke - Chuan - Liquid ( DCKCL ) Cough Syrup for treating asthmatic bronchitis.

For acute or chronic bronchitis and bronchiectasis, for cough and asthma with phlegm.
止咳化痰,潤肺平喘. 用於急慢性支氣管炎,支氣管擴張.

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  1. - especially when you have bronchitis, like me right now.

    - 特別是當你有支氣管炎的時候,就像我現在一樣
  2. - do you have bronchitis right now?

    - 你現在有支氣管炎嗎?
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  1. she has gastroenteritis, sore throat, bronchitis, running nose...etc.

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  1. like bronchitis and other respiratory illnesses. though, the risks are from smoking,

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  1. condition that may be caused by smoke inhalation.
    so i woke up to get me a cold pop... Sweet, Lord, Jesus I ran... But the smoke got me and I got bronchitis, ain't nobody got time for that.
  2. A lung sickness. Sometimes you can get it from smoking too many ciggerettes or you can catch it from somebody. Its an infection insdie your respiratory system. Symptoms: 1. Coughing up extra mucus 2. Wheezing 3. Difficulty breathing 4. Stuffy nose or runny nose
    "I had to go to the doctors because I have bronchitis."
  3. The throat sickness someone gets from giving too much neck.
    Whoahh, Stacey got a serious case of bronchitis from that party last night. George couldn't come 'cause he was suffering from that odee case of bronchitis from that rager yesterday.