There is no staff development experience brew entry helper.

Reference Counting is undoubtedly the star , as this is a basic and fundamental technique in BREW.
引用計數毫無疑問是最重要的, 因為它是BREW中的基本的和基礎的技術.

A sample application guide for BREW developers complete source code, has been tested.
樣品申請指南BREW開發商完整的源代碼, 已經過測試.

The BREW application platform allows network operators to install, recall and update applications over the air.
BREW應用平台使得網路運營商可以通過無線方式安裝 、 招回並升級應用.

In this paper a new BREW - based information service system for wireless hand - held devices is developed.

台灣茶文化-The Tea Culture of Taiwan

台灣茶文化-The Tea Culture of Taiwan Image 10:44
  1. one special step may be added only on the first brew (and only if the tea is a light variety like oolong, green, or white).

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【英文社交技巧】去Party或夜店和老外輕鬆講 (Improve your social skills with Bar English)

【英文社交技巧】去Party或夜店和老外輕鬆講 (Improve your social skills with Bar English) Image 10:47
  1. hurts from the drink. well, when somebody says "it's my own brew" or "my own creation",

    還很痛,宿醉,好吧,當有人說「It's my own brew」或 「It's my own creation」
  2. have -- you might make your own creation or your own brew. some people actually make wine

    你會「make your own creation」或「make your own brew」,有些人調酒
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十個檢種錯誤觀念 Top Dieting Mistakes

十個檢種錯誤觀念 Top Dieting Mistakes Image 05:34
  1. you can brew it.

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總是想睡懶覺?幾招讓你不再賴床!How To Wake Up Better

總是想睡懶覺?幾招讓你不再賴床!How To Wake Up Better Image 02:14
  1. if you drink coffee, preset it to brew before you wake up.

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終極茶學入門 (Ultimate Guide to TEA | Talk Becky Talk)

終極茶學入門 (Ultimate Guide to TEA | Talk Becky Talk) Image 06:40
  1. brew it, it's got such a mild flavour and a really pale look. next up, green tea, this

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大品牌與雜牌大比拚 (Brand Name vs. Generic)

大品牌與雜牌大比拚 (Brand Name vs. Generic) Image 03:30
  1. with haphazardly written labels, they would prefer the fancy brew,

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  1. Can be used when referring to having a beer. Also may be in reference to smoking weed. Also less urbanly used in England to describe having a cup of tea.
    "Can you pass me a cold brew?" "Let's go home for a brew." "Would you like to come in for a brew?"
  2. One of the thousands of UK terms for tea.
    Make us a brew love, I'm parched.
  3. abbreviated form of the word [brewskis], meaning beer.
    ayo, where the brews at?
  4. The term "brew" can refer to a friend, much like brother, Man, dude and homie. This is not commonly used when referring to a person outside of their immediate presence, only when you are having a direct conversation with the person.
    Talk to you later brew
  5. lancashire slang for a 'cuppa'. it can be a cup of tea or coffee. Most liverpudlians don't understand the concept that 'brew' can mean both tea or coffee.
    "hello friend, would you like a brew?" "yes please, coffee or tea is fine"
  6. To brew someone means to annoy them. This is because brewing a cup of tea let's off steam which is related to people being annoyed.
    1. "Did you see that? Jarred was so brewed!" 2. "I wish he would stop brewing me!"
  7. another way to say bro
    Tom: What's good brew? Steve: Nothin much, brew.
  8. A man who used to be classified as a [bro] in his youth, but is now old.
    A middle-aged or older man who still wears his old college jersey, drinks out of red plastic cups, and recounts stories from his wild party days as if he were still living them, is a brew. Not cool.
  9. A total fag-bro. A bromo, if you will. (homo+bro). The type of man who wears neon clothing and lots of plaid. Wakeboards more than they should, makes sure everyone knows it, and usually isn't very good at it. Loves the lake and acting like a total toooooool!
    Guy 1: "Hey, I've seen that kid on the lake before, boarding it up, wearing neon shorts. Is he cool?" Guy 2: "Naw man he's a total Brew, don't even talk to him."