• US /bɑ:ks/
  • UK /bɒks/
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  • n. 以線標出的特定區域; 箱;盒; 包廂; 框; 箱;盒;
  • v. (用拳頭或手掌)打;擊; 把...裝箱; 拳擊;
  • It was his turn to step into the batter's box
  • Peter carefully packed the box full of plates and glasses
  • We have seats in the box at tonight's theater concert
  • In the box at the top of the exam, you will find important instructions
  • I bought a box of cookies at the store
  • Sometimes I get so mad at him, I want to box his ears
  • Please box all your old toys so that we can put it in storage
  • People learn how to box for fitness and self-defense
  1. female genitalia, specifically, the vagina
    The box a penis comes in.
  2. Female Genitalia, the vagina...
    Honey, have you still got your viginity or only the box it came in?
  3. vagina
    i'm cookin some bread in my box (i have a yeast infection)
  4. female genitalia
    The chick cant wrestle, but man, you ought to see her box.......
  5. to fight; to throw blows
    The [trick ass bitch] outside the club "The Gate" took attitude with me so I decided we needed to box to settle things. I laid her out on her fat shit-talking ass!
  6. box- here where i come from its used to describe female genitalia, snatch, puss, pussy, vagina,v,or whatever u wanna call it.
    "she has a tight wet pink box"
  7. a woman's genitalia; snatch; cum recepticle (the origin of this word comes from the enclosed nature of a woman's genitalia, much like that of a UPS box
    Dana is nice to look at, but I heard she has a smellier box than does Stacy. ewwwwww
  8. verb. To fight, as in boxing. noun. 1. [Computer] 2. Boxy car 3. Tool box 4. [TV] 5. Thing people enjoy eating out. See: [alcove], [bat cave], [bear trap], [bearded clam], [bearded taco], [beaver], [bermuda triangle], [bucket seat], [cake], [chuff box], [cockpit], [cooch], [coochie], [coochie-pop], [coose], [cooter], [cooze], [crack], [crawl space], [cum depository], [cum dumpster], [cuntcake], [cunt], [cunny], [donut], [dripping delta], [felted mound], [fillet-o-fish], [finger hut], [fish], [fish taco], [front bum], [fly catcher], [fuckhole], [garage], [gash], [gates of Heaven], [golden doorway], [Grand Canyon], [growler], [hatchet wound], [heaven's door], [hole], [honey cave], [honey pot], [hot box], [jaws of Hell], [lobster pot], [loins], [loose meat sandwich], [lotus], [love box], [love canal], [lower lips], [meat wallet], [muff], [nooch], [nook], [nookie], [peach], [pearly panty gates], [pocket], [poon], [poontang], [purse], [pussy], [quiff], [quim], [rat trap], [scratch], [sheath], [slash], [slit], [snapper], [snatch], [space], [split], [stench trench], [tampon socket], [temple], [thingy], [tool shed], [tuna], [tunnel], [twat], [undercut], [vagina], [vertical smile], [wishing well], [whisker box], [womb], [x], [yoni]
    The best food comes out of a box!
  9. Something you don't want.
    "I've got this box I need to get rid of"
  10. Machine / computer
    This box does Linux