Yes, wine can be called booze, and so can rum and vodka.

Slow down there, buddy. Take it easy on the booze.

Enough booze is sold for every adult to exceed recommended drinking limits every week.

Bearing this in mind I organized several parties and plied my students with booze.

Let's go out and booze up!

如何耍酷(How to: Be A Bro)

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  1. from now on you are going to the parties; you're skating; you're surfing, and you are drinking booze.

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總是想睡懶覺?幾招讓你不再賴床!How To Wake Up Better

總是想睡懶覺?幾招讓你不再賴床!How To Wake Up Better Image 02:14
  1. if you're feeling really ballsy about getting some quality shut-eye -- and you should be -- then cut the caffeine, booze, and screens, like tv and your laptop, well before you go to bed.

    如果你下定決心要一夜好眠 — 而這也是應該的 —那麼在睡前好一段時間你不能碰咖啡、酒以及電視或電腦
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青少年使用酒精及大麻與腦震盪風險關係 (Alcohol, Marijuana use by Teens Tied to Concussion Risk)

青少年使用酒精及大麻與腦震盪風險關係 (Alcohol, Marijuana use by Teens Tied to Concussion Risk) Image 01:54
  1. however, the calgary herald points out "researchers can't tell from the survey how the injuries happened. but booze and pot can make people dizzy and disoriented and alter their perception of distance and space."

    然而,Calgary Herald指出,“研究人員無法從調查中了解腦震盪是怎麼發生的。但是酒和大麻會使人頭暈目眩,無所適從,改變對距離和空間的認知。”
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真心話或罰酒(情侶篇) Truth or Drink (Couples) - The Full Video

真心話或罰酒(情侶篇) Truth or Drink (Couples) - The Full Video Image 06:00
  1. get the booze ready!

  2. totally inappropriate! here's your booze. okay~ at the ballet last night. no, i'm kidding.

    太失禮了! 來,你的酒。好吧~昨晚在芭蕾舞課,我開玩笑的...
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【生活英文】別傻了!酒精才不能解除壓力呢! (Why Alcohol Is Not a Stress Reliever | A Little Bit Better With Keri Glassman)

【生活英文】別傻了!酒精才不能解除壓力呢! (Why Alcohol Is Not a Stress Reliever | A Little Bit Better With Keri Glassman) Image 01:34
  1. skipping the booze can help you feel just a little bit better

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  1. An alcoholic beverage, specifically any type of beer. It doesn't matter which, coz down here in Oz, no one gives a hoot, so long as you get pissed!
    "Oh, bugger me, Scott! The pub's out of booze!"
  2. The reason I skip 8am classes.
    If ya booze you loose. I drank too much booze, I think I might spew.
  3. alcaholic beverage
    Beer, Wine, Vodka
  4. any potent liquor(e.g. whiskey)
    I wish he would not drink booze at times like this.
  5. the only thing that makes many Americans happy.
    guy 1:are you getting booze tonight? guy 2: of course guy 1:do you drink every night?(with a disgusted look on his face) guy 2:yes its the only thing that makes me truly happy guy 1:i think you need some help guy 2:rehab is for quitters plus booze is the cheese to my mac its the sun to my Sunday :) guy 1:WOW guy 2: soo.... you want in?? guy 1: YES that sounds like sooo much fun my place at 5 on the dot guy 2:why not now its 5 somewhere :) guy1:your soo smart
  6. Booze Booze is the lifeblood of the party, and Mr.Party himself for that matter. Without it, the party is no more. This is not the case with music, womenz, and drinking games. While these are vital factors to any successful party, they compare nothing to the importance of the booze. Booze comes in many flavors and styles, and is almost always guaranteed to be in short supply at any festivities that you plan to attend; so dont be a dick, bring your own shit.
    Greg: Man this party is the shit, but the booze is looking a bit on the light side. Anybody touches my patron they are getting an ass beating. Kid that shouldn't be there: Hey man! Give me some of that vodka you got Greg!!! Greg: It is tequila dickhead, and find your own booze. Damn crunk creepers.