• US /bɑnd/
  • UK /bɒnd/
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  • n. 鐐;銬; (感情的)聯結;聯繫; 債券; 契約; 黏合處;
  • v. 結合;團結在一起; 聯結;聯繫;
  • The police put the prisoner’s hands in a bond before going outside
  • The bond between us is so strong that I often know what she's thinking
  • I bought a bond that pays 3% interest
  • This bond guarantees that the company will pay the money back with interest
  • I see that the bond here is weak, so it needs more glue
  • We want the new students to bond so we're going out to dinner together tonight
  • Bond these two pieces together and then let them dry

愛神來了我知道!愛的科學原理 (The Science of Love)

愛神來了我知道!愛的科學原理 (The Science of Love) Image 02:55
  1. when prairie voles are injected with either oxytocin or vasopressin, they will instantly find a mate to pair a bond with.

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「業」-聯繫前世與來生 Karma - Bond to Past and Future

「業」-聯繫前世與來生 Karma - Bond to Past and Future Image 13:31
  1. karma bond to the past and future

    「業」-- 聯繫前世與來生
  2. our karma is the bond that ties us

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【TED-Ed】 什麼是脂肪?(What is fat? - George Zaidan)

【TED-Ed】 什麼是脂肪?(What is fat? - George Zaidan) Image 04:22
  1. is the type of bond between the carbon atoms.

  2. to arrange every double bond.

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  1. An underwear brand, most popular in Australia. Most Australians wear this brand of underwear, the classics being briefs and popular funky ones being Boxer-Briefs.
    John: Oh man! Just got these new [bonds]! James: Wow, what funky colours. [Thank God] for [Bonds]!
  2. To bond is to apply Gold Bond to one's testicles in an attempt to get the feeling of 1000 peppermint fairies dancing on your balls. Different varieties, strengths and combinations of Gold Bond can be used depending on the desired intensity.
    Mark: Corey, man do you bond? Corey: Heck yes I do. I like to start with the green bottle and finish off with the spray. Mark: Wow you really know how to bond homie.