• US /blɑk/
  • UK /blɒk/
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  • n. 建材; 干擾;堵塞; 塊; 塊; 街區;塊;
  • v. 干擾;堵塞;
  • We need another block or two for the wall
  • Prisoners are given one block of chocolate per week as their dessert
  • The man sat on a block of wood because there were no chairs
  • That apartment block houses 300 families
  • I live just down the block, so come see me anytime
  • Construction workers have to temporarily block traffic when fixing roads

_一一一 (Skyline LugeSentosa )

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  1. let's do it now... come and play the slope block~

  2. look at the slope block~

311 2 A2 初級 有中文字幕
  1. neighborhood or where u live
    he was chillin on my block
  2. brick of cocaine or brick of yayo or kilo
    get a pot with the stove on warm get a block quicker then the ready rock form
  3. 1. In USA, "block" mean city block, 'hood, smallest area surrounded by streets. 2. In Central/Eastern Europe, Poland, post-DRG Germany & France, "block" is fuckin' HUGE apartment bulding made of concrete panels, where people live like rats in cages. Worst muthafuckin ghetto you can imagine.
    1. Wudup man, what's the news on the block bro? 2. Oh shit, the elevator in our block is fucked up. We must go downstairs through 20 floors.
  4. 1. When drugs are pressed into a block shape also called bricks. 2. Street block.
    1. "Man I got me some blocks of Weed!" 2. "Dude lets go to Chris's block."
  5. Probably the most useful tool on MSN messenger
    what i do to retarted people who either say "ROFL OMG LMAO LOLZ" or a damn annoying white ho named morgan who thinks shes really cool, but shes a skank
  6. Head, perhaps more Brit than American?
    As in "I'll knock yer fucking block off"
  7. There is a block in every major city. It's a neighborhood where drug dealers are out 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Basically, it's a literal drive through for illegal substances. You go, make your order, you [make a block], and you pick up your stuff.
    Killa: "Yo, you wanna hit up the block today?" J: "Fo sho nigga, let's do this!"
  8. Slang term used by one individual to title another in greeting; used in replacement of words such as "dude," "man," dawg," or "G." Originally, "block" was conceived by an individual known only as, Shwin; nevertheless, the word gained increased popularity as, IHOD (the larger group of friends to which he belongs) implemented its usage in countless phrases now made popular in society.
    "What up block?" "Where you at block?" "Yo block, lets get these chicks back to the crib."
  9. The most useful and most immature tool of MSN Messenger
    "Some mofo was talking to me on msn and annoying the shit out of me so i hit the block button and blocked them!"
  10. A technique used in social networking when one doesn't want to communicate with a particular person any more. Usually involves going to the residence or workplace of the offender and beating their face in with a cinder block.
    "Jerry was really getting on my nerves so I had to block him. He's in hospital now."