• US /blɛnd/
  • UK /blend/
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  • v. 混合某物; 混合 ; 攙混 ; 混雜 ; 溶合 ; 融合 ; 混合物 ; 混成語 ; 拌和; 使交融;
  • n. 混合品;
  • We blend flour, water, paint, and bits of newspaper to make this beautiful writing paper
  • Blend the sugar with the water
  • Maddie was able to effectively blend the dance routine for tomorrow's competition
  • This coffee blend is famous for its chocolate flavor

【生活常識】教你如何種植藍莓 Planting Blueberries

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  1. we're going to take the soil out of there and we're going to blend this soil one to

    我們要把土壤從那裡拿出來 我們要把這些土壤混合在一起。
  2. the soil i've dug out of this hole, i just want to blend it one to one with that peat

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Wainy Days #32 'Donna' (Megan Mullally)

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  1. they're filled with my own special blend of hibiscus,

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  1. blend together to form some of the most compelling game music i've heard

    融合在一起,形成一些最 我聽說引人注目的遊戲音樂
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  1. 1. To try and tag along where you are not wanted 2. To try and get in on an in-joke which doesn't involve you
    1. All the girls sat on the table, then Alan came and sat with them. What a blend! 2. Alan laughed when we mentioned this time at the pub when he wasn't there. Blend!
  2. Most common in Leeds youth dialect. 1)Verb- To improvise in order to solve a difficulty, or divert suspicion away from oneself. Usually achieved by hiding, acting or concealing something. 2) An act of blending.
    1) A man came out of his house, so I had to blend it behind a bush 2)She asked where i was going. I told her i was going home and she believed it. What a blend!
  3. Bell End shortened
    "Your such a B-lend"
  4. abbreviation of bell-end conjured up by rawsy as a replacement for the out-dated and over-used [rockend]
    rawsy: "Dave, you're just a blend"