IPA [ˈbɛzəl] KK [ˋbɛz!]
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Features translucent case and colorful band , 3 hand movement, and unidirectional timing bezel.

Flush mount using bezel or screw or rail mount to DIN 46 277 using base mount.

Remove the bezel and rubber gasket from the motor output shaft.

Rhodium - plated pierced earrings with clear crystal pav é and bezel - set clear crystals in various cuts.

Remove the ash receiver from the instrument panel center bezel.

史上首支蘋果手錶 The Original Apple Watch.

史上首支蘋果手錶 The Original Apple Watch. Image 03:41
  1. it didn't have bluetooth or wi-fi, but it did feature anodized aluminum, a super attractive blue bezel

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慵懶性感精選!流行天后珍娜傑克森-徹夜不眠 Image 04:31
  1. my schedule check the bezel, gotta escape by six

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Essential Phone測試 (Essential Phone Review - The Hype Is Real.)

Essential Phone測試 (Essential Phone Review - The Hype Is Real.) Image 07:57
  1. so functionally right now this super-thin bezel at the top doesn't do anything super useful

    所以在功能上來說, 這個超窄邊框還無法做到甚麼非常實用的功能
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不要買UX550 (Asus UX550 - Dont Buy This For Gaming!)

不要買UX550 (Asus UX550 - Dont Buy This For Gaming!) Image 09:29
  1. the bezel thickness, but it's just an improvement over their regular asus zenbook pro line.

    新版Macbook。但這以常規Asus ZenBook Pro產線來說算是進步的
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  1. A groove to hold gems or diamonds.
    I'm on another level, yellow rocks all in my bezel. -Lil Flip
  2. BEZEL another term originated in seattle for extacy like the [bay] area use [thizz] seattle uses bezel so pop a bezel yadidameanbeezy
    man i need some oj i just popped a [bezel] that bitch let me hit it after she got bezzed