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  • v. 受歡迎;
  • n. 所屬物;
  • other 屬於;
  • He isn’t really belonging to any church
  • Is this your belonging?
  • This book does not belong on this shelf

感人動畫短片《Zero》 (停格動畫)

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打擊嫉妒心 (Dealing with Jealousy)

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青春期 (Adolescence: Crash Course Psychology #20)

青春期 (Adolescence: Crash Course Psychology #20) Image 10:15
  1. all these kids feel tremendous pressure to maintain their image in their particular group in part because there's just some security in belonging to a group, even if that group gets picked on by another group.

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名字如何影響人的行為 Image 03:08
  1. one study in the 1980s showed people more often ranked letters belonging to their name as their most preferred letters of the alphabet.

    一份 1980 年代的報告指出,人們經常將出現在自己名字中的字母列為最喜歡的字母。
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  1. Items possessed by one who owns them
    These are my belongings...where are yours?