• US /ˈɔtəm/
  • UK /ˈɔ:təm/
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  • n. 秋季 ; 秋天;
  • In autumn, the leaves change color and fall off the trees

【生活常識】教你如何做「蠕蟲堆肥」 Worm Composting

【生活常識】教你如何做「蠕蟲堆肥」 Worm Composting Image 07:31
  1. to be light and moist and fluffy. my favorite bedding is a mixture of shredded autumn leaves

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十分鐘讀懂英文史 (The History of English in 10 Minutes)

十分鐘讀懂英文史 (The History of English in 10 Minutes) Image 11:05
  1. while the brits moved on to 'autumn', 'taps', 'nappies' and nhs dental care.

    而英國人早已改用「autumn」、 「taps」、「nappies」而且還有牙醫保險
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人生Life In A Day

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翰林102 第5冊4課 對話 Hanlin102 Book5 Lesson4

翰林102 第5冊4課 對話 Hanlin102 Book5 Lesson4 Image 01:23
  1. ethan: they're going to the north, and in autumn, they will fly back to spend their winter in the south.

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孫子兵法 (The Art of War Audiobook by Sun Tzu)

孫子兵法 (The Art of War Audiobook by Sun Tzu) Image 01:49:03
  1. 10. to lift an autumn hair is no sign of great strength; to see the sun and moon is

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  1. Autumn is a very exotic type of female. She has a mystery to her which people love. She tends to be flirty but never easy. She knows her boundaries and has a great intuition.
    Guy: Wow she is amazing guy2: she must be a classified autumn
  2. often known as a season. has a bit of an attitude. drums to her own beat. pretty
    shes such an Autumn
  3. unique girls name. usually pretty, independent, and classy. flirty, giggly and classy; totally reliable and trustworthy. she knows her boundaries and has a great intuition. usually brunette/blonde.
    guy 1: hey that girl is hot guy 2: yeah autumn guy 1: she has a pretty cool name guy 2: she is cool. her name makes her who she is. everyone likes an autumn.....
  4. Often referring to the season following [Summer] and preceeding [Winter]. Autumn is also known as Fall. The name Autumn is a rare name and usually applies to an extremely cognative and intelligent person. She usually has light colored hair; Blonde or a light Brunette and more often than not, is very cute. These Autumn's are extremely lovable. Autumn's are usually funny and have their own unique complex personality, that once mostly decyphered will instantly cause you to fall for them. Autumn's are determined persons who handles stressful situations very well and are sometimes wrongfully refered as a [teachers pet] due to their dependability, trustworthyness and honesty. Autumn's are rarely decetful and are often of the [Sanguine] personality type.
    Guy one: Who's that insanely smart girl? Guy two: I have no idea, but I heard she is smarter than our teacher. Guy one: yeah, she definately is. She just looks smart. Guy three: Dude, thats Autumn. Shes new this year. Guy one and two: Ohhh..
  5. An Autumn is an amazing person that completes life. Without Autumns, going to the principals office would never be fun. Autumns are gorgeous, smart, flirty, and amazing. Although Autumn's may sometimes have short tempers, they calm down after slapping you a couple times. If you meet an Autumn, you'll know before the name is even mentioned. Autumn's are people who totally understand you. Autumn's say it like it is. If you are crossing that fine line of having fun and being a skank, she'll tell you. Autumn's are often known to keep their best friend in line if she's being a whore. Autumn's are often girls that have very hateful mothers. Guys love Autumn's because they're original, beautiful, and have amazing personalities. Most Autumn's have a shopping addiction.
    Wow, my best friend is totally an Autumn.
  6. young beautiful girl who is NOT a lesibian. she may seem inocent at first but thats just the beging. autumn is not a common name. shes a special child . i am special i am me. basically shes a prettyy funny weird outgoing bestfriend that anyone will fall in love with. not no DIKE !
    guy: your mad gorgeous autumn, wanna go out sometime ? guy2: no way shes mine ! *guys break out into a brawl* autumn: guys calm down ! we can all hang out.
  7. One of the [hottest] girls you'll ever see. Usually blond and very nice body.
    Look at the autumn, shes real fine
  8. amazing beautiful, different type of girl, not like all the rest of the world has a mind set of her own, lovely, classy and all around just beautiful can bring a smile to anyones face by just saying hello, she isn't judgmental, down to earth, and can keep a good conversation, amazing taste in music, techo, rock, anything really. she can hardstyle like a BEAST. She also loves to be different, by having her own style. very unique just like her name. oh, she is the biggest romantic, has a lovely heart just waiting to give to someone, she loves to have a good scene boy in her arms. well honestly I love calling her mine. I love my autumn. be sure to find one <3
    Me: Autumn, your beautiful. Autumn: be mine forever? :)
  9. usually brunette. quirky,sexy,funny,free. a hilarious girl with a beautiful personality. everyone stops and stares when she enters the room. she is popular and powerful, you dont wanna get on the wrong side of her though! she can be kind, caring, helpful and courageous, along with being friendly, cute and gorgeous. Autumn will have your back throughout your whole life, and will never backstab or bitch about you. the world needs more autumns.
    boy1: i need a girlfriend boy2: keep away from my autumn, already got enough lads lusting after her
  10. one of the 4 seasons, a female who is very attractive likes to have sex. usually the hottest person in your group of friends. very fun to be around but is weird at times. can get any guy she wants, very very very sexy!.
    "WOW! she's hot she must be an autumn" "Autumn is a good time of year"