Aspect-Oriented Programming(AOP) localize implementation of crosscutting concern by encapsulating them in an independent module called "aspect".

Aspect-Oriented Programming is a technique for separation of crosscutting concerns.
面向切面編程(Aspect-Oriented Programming,簡稱AOP)作為一種新的編程技術正日益引起人們的關注。

Aspect-Oriented Programming is a new idea of programming.
面向方面編程(Aspect Oriented Programming)是近年來新興的一種編程思想。

Interest in future aspect comes from failure to appreciate the already aspect of Christ.

A distributed perspective on leadership involves two aspects: the leader-plus aspect and the practice aspect.

最容易混淆的英文文法 - ALL or WHOLE?

最容易混淆的英文文法 - ALL or WHOLE? Image 09:24
  1. you did, okay? so this is one aspect of "all" and "whole". "the" and duration, like, "always"

    有理解嗎?所以這是 all 和 whole 的差別,「The」的位置和期間的不同,像是「一直」
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【TED】Simon Sinek:偉大的領導者如何鼓動行為 (中英雙字幕)

【TED】Simon Sinek:偉大的領導者如何鼓動行為 (中英雙字幕) Image 18:05
  1. over every aspect of your life,

    生活的各個層面 over every aspect of your life,
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  1. A distinguished look or expression or a special way that something can be viewed.
    The aspect of the man seemed to frighten littler kids.