vi.清楚地和清晰地講;發音;[解剖學] 連接;


One quality that the radiobroadcaster must be had is that they should be articulate.

Sounds simple, sure, but you must be able to articulate this to yourself and others clearly.
聽起來很簡單, 當然了, 可你必需能夠清清楚楚地回答這個問題,明明白白地告訴別人.

Yes, you may use them to express and articulate your views and perspectives.
是的, 你可能用它來清晰的表達你的觀點和看法.

She was too frightened to articulate.

Articulate speech is essential for a teacher.

Höskuldur Eyjólfsson's 'Ashamed of being human'

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  1. seldom i have been able to articulate this feeling into thoughts,

    我很少能用清晰的語言 表達出這種感覺
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  1. and articulate that lower semiquaver well,

    而較低音的十六分音符, 也要運舌清楚
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  1. Able to convert one's thoughts and emotions into words. Those who are articulate can use large, 'higher-level' words in their sentences without making a conscious effort to do so.
    Just because somebody types without proper grammar doesn't make them inarticulate; after all, why does it matter whether or not you waste your time trying to add proper punctuation.
  2. (N.) What about two-thirds of the people on this website are not. Most of them (High-Schoolers) still read at a 3rd Grade level.
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    "yesterday i was eating a late dinner with a group of people and one guy's girlfriend started telling a story about her friend's boyfriend. she referred to him as "this really articulate black guy" when she first introduced him in the story, and she called him articulate four more times before she was done. it was embarrassing enough on its own, but there were two black guys at the table."