• US /ˈɑrtɪkəl/
  • UK /'ɑ:tɪkl/
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  • n. 冠詞; 文章; 物品; 條款;
  • The English language requires an article before most nouns
  • The newspaper published an article about home exercise yesterday
  • I have an article or two of clothing I no longer need, I’ll give them to charity
  • Look up article 40 in the company regulations and check lines 4 and 5

怎麼樣... (How About That...)

怎麼樣... (How About That...) Image 10:07
  1. well i read on an online article that

  2. i mean why else would they put the article behind a pay wall, twice?

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  1. Articles [AR-tuh-kleez] n. The Greek god who protects all paper and printed documents stored within the Clouds around Mt. Olympus.
    Thanks to the power of Articles, I never have to worry about Titans wiping out my important documents.