• US /əˈraʊnd/
  • UK /ə'raʊnd/
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  • adv. 周圍 ; 到處 ; 環繞 ; 在附近 ; 在周圍 ; 圍著 ; 繞過 ; 各處 ; 在…周圍 ; 大約 ; 附近 ; 約莫 ; 左右; 在周圍; 到處地;四處地; 向相反方向;
  • prep. 大約...;約莫...;
  • adj. 周圍的;附近的;
  • We sat around the table eating breakfast
  • He went around the world by boat
  • Because of his business, he goes around the country
  • After a few seconds, he stopped and turned around to see the train getting away
  • Let's meet at around 10 a.m. tomorrow morning
  • My wife is waiting for me somewhere around the station
  1. 1. Popularly used, it is a general term illustrating that a person is in no particular place, but instead plans to go to several different destinations before one returns. 2. Generally present, but not exactly "here".
    Person 1: Where are you going? Hippie 2: Just walking around... Maybe I'll stop by Target and then Safeway Away message on AIM: "I'm around."
  2. a hoe that been wit too many dudes
    damm foo,, she got around
  3. A girl who appears to be white when viewed from behind, but upon closer inspection or when she turns around, is found to be Asian.
    I thought that girl was white but when she turned around I discovered she was only an A-Round.
  4. In-word for "about" among certain [new-age] [Bolsheviks].
    The [collective] decided to organize around animal rights.