• US /əˈplaɪ/
  • UK /ə'plaɪ/
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  • v. 塗;敷; 致力於;專心於; 應用;運用; 使起作用;使適用; 註冊;
  • Apply a bit more glue or the parts won’t stick together
  • I like to apply my free time to my own writing projects
  • Can you apply your knowledge of physics to repairing this old car?
  • I don’t think that will apply to this situation
  • When will you apply for the secretary job?

EF海外語言課程( EFLanguage Courses Abroad (ages 16-18, 18-24))

EF海外語言課程( EFLanguage Courses Abroad (ages 16-18, 18-24)) Image 08:24
  1. when they apply to schools or for a new job.

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多芬實驗-妳比妳想像中美麗 (Dove - Real Beauty Sketches)

多芬實驗-妳比妳想像中美麗 (Dove - Real Beauty Sketches) Image 03:01
  1. i should be more grateful of my natural beauty. it impacts the choices in the friends that we make, the jobs we apply for, how we treat our children.

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  1. Legitimate or True
    This fuckin' our lives.