Do you have any appetite? How about your appetite?

The special and sweet smell of its refreshing, condole person appetite, inviting appetite.

As a result it does not increase such banks' appetite to lend.

That is a worry, because investors' appetite for these securities fuelled the boom in riskier mortgages.

Well, it looks as if the bulls are losing their appetite at last!

愛上台灣 (Falling in Love with Taiwan)

愛上台灣 (Falling in Love with Taiwan) Image 21:20
  1. its going to whet your appetite but, trust me, youre going to want more.

    它會激起你的胃口,但是, 相信我,你會想要更多。
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10 種有關 " Work" 的英文用詞

10 種有關 ' Work' 的英文用詞 Image 12:17
  1. haven't finished a project. expression no. 6: "work up an appetite". what

    尚未完成這專案。第6個片語:"Work up an appetite" 這是
  2. does this mean? "appetite" has to do with food, okay? when you "work up oppetite",

    什麼意思?“胃口"和食物有關,對吧?當你"work up on appetite",
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外國朋友來時如何介紹台北 (Taipei Vacation Travel Guide)

外國朋友來時如何介紹台北 (Taipei Vacation Travel Guide) Image 05:26
  1. all that hiking and mountain air can build up an appetite.

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餐廳用餐的英文 (Basic English vocabulary for restaurants)

餐廳用餐的英文 (Basic English vocabulary for restaurants) Image 16:11
  1. now, i'm going to use a funny sentence, but it's like, "would you like to whet your appetite?"

  2. ?whet your appetite?. you're going to say, ?what the hell does that mean?? you're probably

    「激你的食慾」 你會說,「你他 X 在工三小?」你可能會
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