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Sure, most alarm clocks are annoying, but this one is more annoying!

Warlock is a formidable, but the early game is very annoying, bad practiced.

Have you come across any annoying people?

Many colleagues found this practice confusing or downright annoying.

I wish she would stop annoying us and push off.

【TED-Ed】莎士比亞的侮辱 (Insults by Shakespeare - April Gudenrath)

【TED-Ed】莎士比亞的侮辱 (Insults by Shakespeare - April Gudenrath) Image 06:24
  1. all those thines and thous and therefores and wherefore-art-thous can be more than a little annoying.

    所有這些你 (thou)、你的 (thine)、和你為什麽 (wherefore-art-thou) 可能很討厭
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【六人行片段】那些惱人的小習慣! (Friends: Annoying habits)

【六人行片段】那些惱人的小習慣! (Friends: Annoying habits) Image 01:33
  1. like joey's constant knuckle- cracking isn't annoying?

  2. is it like, a little annoying? or is it like when phoebe chews her hair?

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  1. Me, see example for reason.
    I once woke up my mate at 12:00AM to show him my completed rubiks cube!
  2. annoying is when someone TyPs LyK OmFgGGG ThiSS BeCauSe TheY TiNK It Lyk OmGGzzZZz Looks LyK ToTallY LyK AwsoMe another annoying thing is when people base their lilking of a band based on whether mtv says its the "in" thing at the moment another annoying thing is when someone is OBSESSED with themselves so much that they feel the need to ask every day arent i like sooo sexxi? (spelling sexxi that way even though its actually more letter then sexy is also annoying as is spelling hot hott or anything else like that)
    i know a lot of annoying people
  3. a goony little bastard or bastardess who won't stop stalking their prey no matter how big the clues of pissed-off-ness there are.
    Lucy is annoying.
  4. someone who does something REALLY stupid excessively and even when noticing that the entire student body is pissed off whenever said person opens their mouth because they know something shamefully retarded is going to follow, the annoying person continues like everyone is their best friend. also mummbling and constant inward laughter are symptoms.
    ezekiel: *ongoing rambling* everyone else: SHUT UP! ezekiel: *continues ongoing rambling* everyone else: EZEKIEL! *groan* ezekiel: *incoherent mummbling.*
  5. A word describing an excessively talkative or irritating person, who, despite being told to shut up constantly, continues to talk as if no one said so. Annoying people might have at least a few of the following qualities: -a tendency of suddenly joining into conversations without anyone letting him/her to -snooping in other peoples' business -talking for hours on end -talking about random things -tapping people on the shoulder excessively -following you around because he/she things you're his/her "friend" -being a [loser] -very likely to be bullied a lot. -excessive bragging for a few hours (or days) after enjoying a little achievement or victory, such as beating someone in an arm wrestle. -constantly does something [nasty] and [irritating], such as picking their nose or farting. -is [immature] and says and does extreme things in public, like yelling out curse words or pulling a random person's pants down. -thinks he/she can beat you in every aspect of life but sucks and gets laughed at. However, they still continue to think they're better. -will lie and go to great lengths just to be proven right. When an annoying person finally finds out that he/she is being ignored or not liked, he/she will go into a fit of anger and blames everyone for nothing.
    Pissed off guy: "Edwin, shut up, no one even likes you, and no one is listening to you talk about Pokemon. You're annoying!" Edwin: "No. YOU Shut up, YOU'RE the annoying one, my Charizard will beat you up any day!" Pissed off guy: *kills Edwin*
  6. Of one who can be tiresome to deal with. To be bothersome to the point of exhaustion.
    -Insert String of Pointless Comments- ~UishoZ
  7. List of annoying things; 1. peopeole woho tyyp lykke dissss 2. people who make insults towards countries and their citizens even though they never been to that country. 3. [school] 4. [assholes] who think they better than everyone else and like to fuck with random people for no reason. see [barney badass] 5. [mainstream media] 6. [soccer moms] 7. [narcs] 8. [carlos mencia] 9. stupid [politicians] 10. loud-ass people 11. [fanboys] 12. [fangirls] 13. [spam] 14. bratty children 15. people who resort to saying "[your mom]", a "[yo mama joke]", and "[your face]" as comebacks
    Those are all annoying things
  8. 1 Causing irritation or annoyance. To disturb and irritate. When someone can't shut the fuck up and has to make a fool of themselves in front of everyone to try to prove something. They scream and whine all day about bullshit no one cares about. You should want to strangle the shit out of them cause they're so god damn annoying.
    Bronson is such an annoying loser. People laugh at his ass and want to strangle him cause he bugs the shit out of everyone.
  9. When someone calls you everyday at minimum and has nothing to say.
    Person1:Hi! Person2:HI Person1:How's it going? Person2:Good ... A few hours later Person1:Hi Person2:...hi Person1:What're you doing? Person2:...nothing A few more hours later Person1: Hi Person2:STOP FUCKING CALLING! (Your so damn annoying)
  10. The ONE person that always asks a [stupid] or last questions when class is over and it's time to go home.
    *bell rings*...everyone's packing up to go home. *hand raises from stupid person* "ummm...just one LAST question." *glares*SO annoying.