IPA [əˈnɔɪd] KK [əˋnɔɪd]
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At first the sound of the boy dragging brush annoyed me.

I feel very lucky to have a very understanding boss, who rarely gets annoyed.
有一個善解人意的老闆,我感到很幸運, 他幾乎從來都不生氣.

I am really annoyed by it.

They may become very annoyed with persistent vendors.

I was a little bit annoyed.

澳洲英文的俚語和片語 - 澳洲遊學打工必看(Australian Slang and Phrases)

澳洲英文的俚語和片語 -  澳洲遊學打工必看(Australian Slang and Phrases) Image 01:49
  1. something bad happened or you're annoyed at something you say strike a light.

    一些鳥事發生在你身上,或什麼東西一直讓你很惱怒煩躁,就很適合說句 “Strike a light”。
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問,學校扼殺了創意嗎? (肯尼•羅賓森 (Sir Ken Robinson) 問,學校扼殺了創意嗎? (中英雙字幕))

問,學校扼殺了創意嗎? (肯尼•羅賓森 (Sir Ken Robinson) 問,學校扼殺了創意嗎? (中英雙字幕)) Image 19:29
  1. the phone's on the hook, if she comes in i get annoyed.

    電話是掛好的,她如果進來,我會被激怒。 the phone's on the hook, if she comes in I get annoyed.
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  1. State of being after dealing with any government agency. See also Pissed off, hostile, angry, and borderline psychotic.
    Joe was remarkably annoyed after spending 15 hours on the phone to the IRS.
  2. to piss off someone for no reason
    Haley: awwww(in a whiny voice) this isnt my house but i want everything to be my wayyyy Meek: oh my god... (walks to room, annoyed)
  3. [to] [make] [something] [that] [really] [angers] [and] [annoys] [people]
    [god] [that] [motherfucker] [that] [made] [every] [word] [here] [really] [annoyed] [me]