• US /æmˈbæsədɚ, -ˌdɔr/
  • UK /æm'bæsədə(r)/
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  • n. 大使:代表:使節;
  • He became the country's newest ambassador to Germany

"April 5, 2013 - CNN Student News with subtitles"

'April 5, 2013 - CNN Student News with subtitles' Image 10:00
  1. bill richardson, former u.s. ambassador to the united nations: i think our response has been appropriate.

    前美國駐聯合國大使比爾-理查森。 我認為我們的反應是適當的。
  2. carl azuz, cnn anchor: former ambassador richardson talking about the tension between the u.s. and north korea.

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安潔莉娜裘莉「勇敢的決定」:終結乳癌 Angelina's Cancer Choice (VOA On Assignment May 24)

安潔莉娜裘莉「勇敢的決定」:終結乳癌 Angelina's Cancer Choice (VOA On Assignment May 24) Image 03:13
  1. angelina jolie, academy award winner, mother of six, partner to brad pitt, united nations global ambassador,

    安潔莉娜.裘莉是奧斯卡得主、6 名子女的母親、布萊德.彼特的伴侶、聯合國親善大使,
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20140314 台美關係法聽證會part2

20140314 台美關係法聽證會part2 Image 39:54
  1. but frankly, some of our diplomats including our former ambassador bellocchi has suggested

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  1. A homosexual. A man who enjoys participating in intercourse with another man. From the German for Ambassador, which is Botschafter.
    "Here comes the ambassador. I bet he tries to seduce you" "Hi guys, would either of you like my thick cock up your arse?" "told you so...."
  2. Noun: The Thumb. Specifically when you attempt to insert your thumb into a girl's asshole prior to having anal sex with her in an attempt to gauge how well received your cock will be.
    Nate: I tried to fuck my girlfriend in the ass and she almost killed me. Steve: n00bish mistake dude! Next time send the ambassador in first Nate: Like a little representative for my cock? Steve: Exactly Paul & Derek: LOL ROFL ROFL ROFL
  3. Comrade, friend, fellow squire, chief of the watch - used to describe a close friend or friends. Used also to greet a friend or friends.
    person 1 upon greeting person 2: Easy ambassador!
  4. A person of the highest ranking in the social triangle. Looks down upon everyone who deserves to be looked down upon because they know that they themselves are the best.
    "Look at that [scene kid] over there" Ambassador number 1 "Fuckin scene kids." Ambassador number 2