IPA [ˈæməˌtɚ] KK [ˋæmə͵tʃʊr]
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Academic theory amateur, Social sciences amateur, Natural science amateur.

Hong Kong players became champions of the World Amateur Junior and World Amateur Snooker Championships.

Low power amateur radio transceiver is in urgent need to radio amateur.

Pantomime?Vitas was there, and one of the amateur actors in the performance.

Everyone who would like to participate in the Olympics must be an amateur.

[動作喜劇 電玩高校1]Video Game High School (VGHS) - Ep. 1

[動作喜劇 電玩高校1]Video Game High School (VGHS) - Ep. 1 Image 10:52
  1. our next guest was pwnzwn's amateur player of the year...

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David Loftus 的食物攝影大師班 :如何拍出一張好的食物照

David Loftus 的食物攝影大師班 :如何拍出一張好的食物照 Image 02:45
  1. you know you're amateur or starter to do that i mean if you could just make yourself a

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【TEDx】民主化的時尚 (Democratising Fashion: Anna Reynolds at TEDxHousesofParliament)

【TEDx】民主化的時尚 (Democratising Fashion: Anna Reynolds  at TEDxHousesofParliament) Image 13:55
  1. i'm not a fashion designer and i'm only an amateur dressmaker

    我當時不是時裝設計師 只是基於興趣而製作洋裝
  2. but this is not talk all about me and my amateur dressmaking abilities,

    但在這個演說中,我想說的不只是我 以及我基於興趣而學會的製衣技巧
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  1. sloppy, not professional looking. using hot glue and/or tape on a model. Something that your mom could have made on a computer. using fabric when its obvious you should NOT be thinking about materials...
    that shit was amateur, but he still got a good grade somehow. fuck. dammit. where'd you get that amateur shit, WordArt?
  2. Someone who has done something one time before, defines itself as an expert on the topic.
    John: Got laid? Nick: Yeah. John: Satisfaction granted? Nick: Hell yeah, going like a pro like always!! John: Yeha, like a grand master... Nick: I'm no amateur.