• US /ˈɔlwez,-wɪz,-wiz/
  • UK /'ɔ:lweɪz/
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  • adv. 總是; 時常 ; 總是 ; 隨時 ; 始終 ; 永遠 ; 常 ; 長 ; 從來 ; 老是 ; 歷來 ; 一直 ; 永 ; 總; 永遠;一直;
  • That old house has always been there
  • I always buy my rice from my favorite shop on the corner
  • I will always love you

超爆笑!教你 10 件改變你想法的生活小技巧 (10 How To's That Will Blow Your Mind!)

超爆笑!教你 10 件改變你想法的生活小技巧 (10 How To's That Will Blow Your Mind!) Image 04:59
  1. man straight, man straight hair just doen't go together. and why is it always so hot in there

    男人直 男人直髮就是不該在一起的組合啊 而且為什麼那裡總是那麼熱
  2. you know he was always like do you want the temp off or the temp on?

    他總是說 你們想要溫度調高或低?然後大家都會
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  1. I word that was given true meaning by JK Rowling in the legendary book Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.
    'After all this time Severus?' 'Always'
  2. A powerful and useful word. A word that can potentially be wrong, but not all the time. A word that can easily confuse people because how it's defined.
    There are always exceptions. I will always love you!?!? [jen-fu] [love] [exception]
  3. Implying huge emotional value. This word is forever changed because of Harry Potter and The Hunger Games.
    "After all this tme?" Dumbledore "Always." Snape "Stay with me?" Katniss "Always." Peeta [Hunger Games] [Harry Potter] [Peeta Mellark] [Severus Snape] [Lily Evans] [Katniss Everdeen]
  4. a.)A vague and sarcastic response used to neutralize any statement that can be interpreted as sarcastically-attacking or passive aggressive regarding either you or what you represent. b.)A useful response to questions or statements when the answer is yes or no. It works two-fold as an enhanced replacement for yes or an incredibly sarcastic replacement for no. c.)A great way to take a compliment
    a.) (1)Mary: Whoa, you look like you just woke up next two busted condoms and a guy with a mullet Jen:...Always... (2)Brian: Matt, doing whippets the night before finals is a fucking GREAT idea. Matt:...Always... b.) (1)-Are you hungry at all? -Always (2)Todd:Adam, what's the deal with your mom? Heather:She's Hott Todd:Yeah, Is she available? Adam:yeah~always....Fuck you guys, I'm going to home. (laughter ensues) c.) (1)Porscha: Wow, that thing's Enormous. Deon: Always..
  5. a fucking long time, sometimes for all eternity
    I will love you always
  6. 1. How long I want to be with you, make believe with you and live in harmony harmony oh love. 2. Song by Erasure
    Girlfriend: "How long do you want to be with me, make believe with me and live in harmony?" Boyfriend: "Always" Girlfriend: "Did you steal that from Erasure?"
  7. Womens idea of a somewhat long time.
    her: "I'll always wait for you!" him: "Sweet. I'll be outa here in about 10 years." other him: "So... your place, or mine?" her: "yours, mine needs... cleaning"
  8. a person who eats a vast amount of large cupcakes. also a rude or jerkish person
    - Rebeca! omg that fatass didnt text me on valentines day! - its ok Alter, hes an alway.
  9. The depressed Persian tow-truck man's favorite line.
    "It gets bad, then it gets worse, then it gets worse, then i fall 100,000 feet onto pile of razors, and i ask ""Why god?"" and he pours lemon juice on me. Always." - dpressed Persian tow-truck man.
  10. A extreamly useful and powerful word that is used in the English language. The ultimate positive answer and [always] will be.
    Man 1: Are you playing sports again? Man 2: Always