His attempts to alienate the two friends failed because they had complete faith.

It also be the perfect way to alienate those all-important independent voters.

As long as we keep on doing so, we shall not alienate ourselves from the masses.

The Prime Minister's policy alienate many of his followers.

Goldman sees itself as long-term preferring to forgo profit today rather than to alienate a client.

  1. To make indifferent or hostile.
    Ana: The truth of the matter is that by their words and actions, they've all managed to alienate me from them. He said and did everything possible to alienate her because it was only a reluctantship (see Urban Dictionary Definition) on his part. The intentional and extreme cruelty, controlling and manipulative conduct with no remorse was a clear sign of Psychopathy, something she was all too familiar with and so, it served only to alienate her. She knows that true love involves complete respect, trust, honesty, loyalty, kindness, gratitude, understanding and patience and comes with a sense of security and PEACE.