You might want to laugh at him. He calls himself Alien.

We shouldn't deny others' opinions just because they are alien to ours.

You and your team stole an alien device from an extremely advanced alien culture.

You get one point per alien and ten points for destroying an alien ship.

The concept of invasive alien plants (IAP) that belongs to invasive alien species.

什麼?2012年是世界末日? 2012 & The End Of The World

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  1. there being no such candidates) an alien invasion (which is ludicrous

    (只是目前還沒有候選名單) 外星人入侵 (看起來是滿可笑的
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  1. People from outerspace. Generally peace loving and wise, they've come to Earth because we've got velcro and they love that shit
    I've got some Aliens living in my basement
  2. 1. A person from a foreign country 2. An extra-terrestrial being.
    Paco is an alien Oh my god is that an alien?!?!
  3. Being not of this planet earth.
    "Hey mom, is that an alien or a robot?" "I think it may be both, it's Al Gore son, just stay away from it."
  4. Something that stupid people say don't exist
    Out of over 1 billion planets in the universe I would think more than one has aliens on it.
  5. Film made in 1979, Directed by Ridley Scott. This takes place in the year 2037 onboard the vessel Nostromo. The crew is made up of Ripley, Dallas, Brett, Parker, Lambert, Kane, and Ash. The vessel recieves a message from an unidentified craft that was in distress on LV-426. The Crew answers the call, but while on the planet, Kane finds thousands of eggs, and one hatches and a creature attachs to his face. Later on the creature falls off, but implants an embryo which births an alien. The alien bursts through his chest, running off into the ship. Later on the Alien picks off the crew one by one until only Ripley is left. She then destroys the ship, and defeats the alien.
    That movie Alien was excellent!
  6. 1. In terrestrial terms, those who come from another country, a.k.a. immigrant. 2. Usually refers to any being that isn't from the planet earth, a.k.a. extraterrestrials (E.T.)
  7. An excellent [science fiction] movie series. Features a race of insect-like aliens called [Xenomorph]s, which have acidic blood and a collective mentality. They lay eggs like normal insects, but the larvae can only mature into adults by leaping onto a host organism's face and injecting themselves dow into the digestive tract. The adults burrow themselves out of the host, killing it in the process. Basically, if you have an alien Xenomorph on your planet, your species is doomed.
    Not even the Marines were tough enough to face the Xenomorphs in the Aliens movie.
  8. A creature from another planet. It doesn't have to be a smart one. Unlike the lies that media bullshit tells you, aliens would NOT look like us, they would look completely different, so that they could adapt with the conditions on their planet. Also, just because we are carbon-based doesn't mean that they are.
    Aliens are not like us at all, except for the fact that they live.
  9. In 1979 Ridley Scott directed one of the most famed sci-fi horror movies to grace the silver screen. The name of the movie was 'Alien'. (By the way, the date isn't '2037', that was simply the computer interface number, the real and actual date for the film is June, 2122) The film kicks off when a commercial Starship Nostromo recieves a extraterrestrial signal coming from a strange planet, and when the crew go to investigate one of the crewmembers gets infected with a type of spider like sex organ attached to his face. The thing eventually comes off and dies and the weary Astronaut seems fine, at least for the moment until they are rejoining and having dinner, that's where things go wrong; He gags, he screams, and a monster bursts out of his ribcage and gets loose on the ship. One by one, the crew starts to dissapear until only a sole survivor, Warrent Officer Ellen Ripley, is left alive.
    FAN: Dude did you see Alien? FAN#2: Hell yeah that movie rocks.
  10. A swagg that is so unique but hard to get to. Something everyone wants to dress like but can not acheieve at the point in time.
    yo look at this guy ive never seen that outfit i wonder where i can get it. hes a alien