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  • noun pl. 行動;活動;行為;
  • v. 行動中;
  • Michael's leadership actions inspired all of his friends
  • Betty tends to action her assignments on the night before they're due

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  1. some kind of action, without some form of ritual; "ritual," meaning actions you do consistently.

    某種動作,如果沒有某種形式的 儀式;你一貫的“禮”,意思是行動。
  2. a few of those actions and lock them in place.

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科學解釋到底為什麼男生會朝氣「勃勃」呢?(The Science of 'Morning Wood')

科學解釋到底為什麼男生會朝氣「勃勃」呢?(The Science of 'Morning Wood') Image 02:06
  1. it is like a stop sign for blood flow. but as you enter rem sleep, norepinephrine decreases and testosterone related actions are now able to take place.

    它就像一個血流的停止信號。 但當你進入REM睡眠時,去甲腎上腺素減少,睪丸激素相關的動作就能夠發生了。
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"January 23, 2013 - CNN Student News with subtitles"

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  1. the teacher is paying for it out of her own money, and she believes that violence in games and movies can affect the actions of the people playing or watching them.

  2. and chimpanzees do, chimpanzees do keep favors in mind, but also negative actions, like humans, they also take revenge.

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#237 亞果出任務 (Argo) 預告片 Trailer

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  1. actions of iran have shocked the civilized world.

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  1. sexual activity,
    hey, you get any action last night?
  2. 1. to have sex 2. often denotes good sex
    I got some action last night.
  3. "Action" as used in gambling typically refers to a bet or wager or just the general act of betting. More specifically, "action" can be used to mean either a live bet/bets or, in poker, a bet along with any calls for that bet. Action may also refer to the total amount of money wagered by a player in a full gambling session. And in sports betting, a bet may be deemed "action" if it is valid. In baseball, "action" is a special type of bet wherein the bet still counts even if there is a change in starting pitcher, which is accompanied by a change in odds.
    "Now, if any of you would like to take a long shot on the dog collar, we'll take that action." "We've got lots of action on the table tonight." "Where's the action?" (Who's turn is it to bet?)