The acquaintance society and the semi - acquaintance society is the important field of the rural interpersonal trust.

Every exchange of salutation produces new acquaintance, and every acquaintance kindles into friendship.
每個互相致禮,結交新相識; 每次相識,產生友誼.

I have no personal acquaintance with him, I only know of him from television.
我個人和他並不熟, 我僅僅是在電視上看到過他.

Should auld acquaintance be forgot and days of auld lang syne?
舊日朋友怎能忘記? 友誼地久天長.

From acquaintance , mutual understanding, to the promise of life.
從認識 、 了解 、 相愛,直到承諾一生一世.

"性」別單字這樣學準沒錯 (Confusing Sex & Gender Words in English - girlfriend, guys, partner...)

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  1. they don't even know who you are. "friend" in our language, really, means "acquaintance".

    他們甚至不知道你叫甚麼名字 「朋友」在我們的語言裡 事實上是 「相識的人」
  2. games or anything like that, you're an "acquaintance". "acquaintance" means -- from the word "acquaint"

    籃球賽或類似這樣的邀請 你是「相識的人」這個字來自於acquaint(相識)
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美女與野獸(Audiobook) (Beauty and the Beast (audiobook))

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  1. and acquaintance. "do but see our youngest sister, (said they one to

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【對青年人的邀請:獻上自己成為活祭】保羅華許 (A Life of Sacrifice - Paul Washer)

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  1. a friend of mine, out in california, an acquaintance of mine, larry pen, he has on his website or whatever,

    我的一個朋友,在加州(美國),一位好友,叫做陳鴿(Larry Pen)他有個網站還是甚麼的
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為什麼老是忘記對方的名字? (Why Do You Always Forget Their Name?)

為什麼老是忘記對方的名字? (Why Do You Always Forget Their Name?) Image 02:07
  1. you meet a new acquaintance, and as you go to shake hands after introducing yourself,

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  1. 1. Someone you know personally but is not officially your friend. 2. Someone you know during high school but will prolly never talk to him/her again after high school.
    Yeah I know Bob, but he's not really my friend, we're just acquaintances.
  2. "acquaintance" is such a complicated word. the dictionary says "a person one knows slightly, but not as a close [friend]" that definition does not even begin to explain what an acquaintance is. and acquaintance can be the example given by the dictionary. it can also be a person that you will not accept friendship from. it can be someone that you know almost everything about, yet you deny [friendship] of the said person. it can be a friend who you don't see that much, or don't feel close to. to be an "acquaintance" means much more than to not be friends. acquaintance can not really be defined in a few words, its just that type of thing that takes a laid out explanation rather than a definition. an acquaintance can range from anywhere between love and hate, and that doesn't mean it can't be either of the two. it could even be both at the same time. an acquaintance can be many things and i could go on and on about it, but i feel like i should stop here and let you [ponder]
    Greg and Lilly aren't quite friends, yet they know so much about each other, and have so much in common. They aren't enemies either, even though they fight all the time, and often piss each other off. I guess you'd call them acquaintances.
  3. 1) Someone who is one click above a total stranger, someone that you just know their name, but nor very well or that close. 2) Typically people that you see at work or at school that you never bother to see outside of those circumstances. 3) Typically your friend's friends that you run in to at a party or going out. 4) Not such a bad thing because at least they're not going to bother you or pressure you asking for favors or money to borrow.
    1) 96.4 % of your "friends" on MySpace 91.8 % of your "friends" on Facebook = 100% acquaintance 2) Jenny from you Trignometry class who is ever so helpful but you have excuse for her every weekend because she is fat 3) Larry and John, your cubicle partners at work. You have discussed 2008 Election and NFL Draft with these guys and shared Coca-Cola in the breakroom 9 months ago but fuck these fat fucks. 4) Your cousin Vinny. You never return his call, he comes over to your house only because his parents brings his sorry ass. You hang out with him because you're forced to and he is like a 5th wheel. You can't wait until he is gone and you're smiling at him as you're saying good bye simply because you are happy that he is outta here!
  4. Acquaintance vs Friend Someone you dont see outside of school, work or whatever vs. Someone you hang out with, or have "hung out with"
    If you hang out with me more than once, we are friends, not acquaintances...
  5. A person known vaguely, like someone you worked on a science project with once, and never really spoke to again. Maybe you have some mutual friends, but you wouldn't really go out and hang out with that person on your own. Someone who you say hi to in the halls at school, or maybe say hello when you see each other in public. In the simplest definition, someone you know well enough to say hi to, but aren't exactly friends with.
    Betty-OMG, did you go to Franny's party on Saturday?? It was the BOMB! Edwina-I wasn't invited. Betty-Why not? I thought you and Franny were friends. Edwina-Sort of. I mean, we worked on that English project together a while back, but she's more of an acquaintance than a friend. Betty-**shrugs** I'm gonna go get a cheesesteak. Wanna come? Edwina-No thanks, I'm good.
  6. When two people know each other through a mutual friend but do not have their own exclusive friendship. Friendship may be facebook official, but one friend wishes that he had never accepted that friend request and is too honorable of a man to block the other.
    Amy Kelly added Reggie Coval on facebook. Reggie could not understand this gesture due to the fact that they are only acquaintances. Luckily for Amy, Reggie is such a gentleman that he will not block her.