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  • noun pl. 酸;
  • There are a lot of acids in his laboratory

AP Biology Science Practice 1: Models and Representations

AP Biology Science Practice 1: Models and Representations Image 12:24
  1. here, it's going to change the amino acids that come in and therefor it's going to change

    在這裡,它將改變氨基酸,進來 是以,它將改變。
  2. me, the amino acids? every amino acids is going to be the same except for the r group

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That's Why Carbon Is A Tramp: Crash Course Biology #1

That's Why Carbon Is A Tramp: Crash Course Biology #1 Image 12:33
  1. which is a book called lewis: acids and bases.

  2. was also the guy behind lewis acids and bases

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【TED】談蘑菇拯救世界的六種方法 (Paul Stamets 談蘑菇拯救世界的六種方法 (中英雙字幕))

【TED】談蘑菇拯救世界的六種方法 (Paul Stamets 談蘑菇拯救世界的六種方法 (中英雙字幕)) Image 17:42
  1. it's possible because the mycelium produces oxalic acids

    因為菌絲體製造草酸 It's possible because the mycelium produces oxalic acids
  2. and many other acids and enzymes,

    和其他酸性物質和酶。 and many other acids and enzymes,
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  1. acid n. Acid is a ridiculously powerful drug. It's measured in [micrograms] (that's 10 to the negative 6, kids). A few hundred micrograms is enough for a fairly decent trip that'll last between 8-12 hours. Guaranteed to blow your freakin' mind. I strongly suggest listening to the Grateful Dead while under the influence. It is not advisable to drive or operate [heavy machinery] while tripping. Going to work or attending class while [zonked out] of your gourd is also discouraged; the fact that your pupils will swallow your entire eye is a dead give away that you're on something.
    I took [a few] [doses] of acid last night... and I'm still [trippin'] this morning =)
  2. A substance often found on [sugar cubes] or tiny pieces of paper. Less commonly found on sour patch kids, or starburst. When taken orally, effects are generally produced within 60 minutes and can last up to 14 hours. A wonderful experience, but fucking brutal on the body and mind for days afterwords. If dosing hard, expect after effects for up to 7 days, and expect your back and neck to feel like fucking shit for a while also. A serious drug not to be taken lightheartedly. Acid will take you deep to the core of it. yeah. Don't listen to the fucking hippies who are like "dude i like [tripped out] so hard and watched this building breathe dude, I love acid" those people don't even know what the fuck they are doing to themselves. Its more like "wow I am so lucky to even be drinking this fucking glass of water, acid made me realize how small and insignificant I am to the cosmos, but yet made me appreciate love and life so much more, I'm going to [call my mom] and tell her I love her right now...' Can be a painful, awkward, and [brutal experience], Usually tho it is worth it.
    Lily took acid yesterday for the first time and realized that her entire [conception] of herself was a bunch of bullshit, and that she was a [mean girl], and had her [world fucking] shattered, but it was a ton of fun in the process and now she is a better person for it.
  3. When a woman [unexpectedly] inserts a finger [two knuckles deep] into a man's ass during [foreplay].
    [Lisa] wanted to surprise John so she gave him an [aciding] while she [blew] him.
  4. An adjective used to describe any person, place, activity involving [abnormal] unique behavior, dress, action. The opposite of [basic]. [Refined].
    "Did you see that girl just [walk by]? She looked acidic as fuck." "[No dude], [Sofia] is different, she's acidic."
  5. The [drug] [LSD]. [Lysergic acid diethylamide].
  6. Having a [Ph] of [less] that 7.0
    I [tripped] [on acid]. A bottle of muriatic acid was left [on the floor] and I tripped over, that is.
  7. acid-The wonderful gateway in your pocket to a world that is yours for the creating, whether it be talking frogs, [stary] faces on apple trees that just wont blink and you're sure that they know your name or maybe just the good old headmash that convinces you that you ARE, in fact, a carrot. A truly marvellous man made [hallucinogen] that could, one day, replace [calpol].
    mate, MATE, [MAAAATE]? [Shhh]. hello? acid? [aah]. i see, i appear to have eaten something bigger than my head.
  8. the [gateway] to [transcendence] and temporary enlightenment. chemical keys to the [gates of heaven].
    I wish my bathroom [sink] [ran] [hot cold] and acid.
  9. An extreme [hallucigent]. Effects depend on [user's] mood, disposition, enviroment, drug dose, etc.Drug does is called hits User may feel a slight "[body buzz]" shortly after injestion. After some time, user will experiance visual and auditory hallucinations. These hallucinations will either be extremely pleasent or frightening depending on user's mood, dose, and/or enviroment. Colors may seem brighter and more prevalent than usual, and sometimes, with higher doses, have "sounds". Users may hear sounds that arent there and the sounds they do hear may be somewhat distorted.Lines seem to be [sharper] and more prevalent, as if outlined with a [black magic] marker.Users may also see the impossible such as wrinkles upon wrinkles Bad trips may be extremely terrifing if the user is inexperianced and does not know what is happening. On a [bad trip], a user may think that he is gone insane ,lost grip on reality, and will never know [normalcy] again. [User's] idea of self may be proundly affected, such as believing that he has become an [amoeba], a fruit, or has become nothing at all. Bad trips can happen to all users, but experianced users may be able to cope with a bad trip because user understands effects of the drug. They know to talk to a friend, change their enviroment,not to be alone, and not to resist the drug. Resisting only makes things worse, especially if user is alone. Acid will [chage] your life perspective, hopefully for the good, sometimes for the bad.
    I had several good [trips] [and one] [bad trip]. But I still love acid.